Tired of playing passing the parcel with the same soan papadi ka dabba every year? Well, break the chain this festive season because we have some of the most practical and fun gifts for Diwali this year. From assorted teas to luxury skincare, your loved ones will definitely appreciate the gesture of a thoughtful gift. And who doesn’t love a break from all the endless mithai? Check out our Diwali gifting guide that has something for everyone!

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1. How Holiday Smells Hand Creams

gifts for diwali

How Holiday Smells Hand Creams from Kimirica

Gift your loved ones this luxurious set of three nourishing and gorgeous smelling hand creams. The pack contains three variants, How Holiday Smells, Winter Amber, and Rosefield, that are enriched with skin-loving ingredients. And the lightweight, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into the skin giving all-day hydration.

2. Matcha Green Tea Starter Kit

gifts for diwali

Matcha Green Tea Starter Kit from Vahdam

Got a friend who loves their green tea? Well, this festive season, mix things up a little and gift them a matcha green tea starter pack. It is packed with two fresh flavours, a tumbler, and an abundance of wellness that makes it a great gifting option!

3. Nourishing Shea Duo

gifts for diwali

Nourishing Shea Duo from The Body Shop

Do you know what’s a great gift for a sibling who loves to skip showers and bath time? A nourishing and enriching bath and body butter set. The rich, nutty gift set will give them the perfect excuse to lather up and finally say yes to bath time!

4. Jewellery by P.P. Jewellers

Jewellery by P.P Jewellers

What’s more thoughtful and personal than some jewellery to celebrate the festive season? This Diwali, gift your loved one a pair of statement earrings that they will cherish for years. You can check out the full range at any of P.P. Jewellers’ stores.

5. Drink More Glass Water Bottle

gifts for diwali

Drink More Glass Water Bottle from Ellementry

Isn’t this gorgeous bottle serving as the perfect reminder for your loved ones to hydrate themselves? The glass bottle comes with a ceramic hand-painted stopper. It’s the perfect gift for that one friend who is a sucker for all things aesthetic!

6. Pichwai Coffee Mugs

diwali gifts

Pichwai Coffee Mugs from Kaunteya

If you are looking for elegant gifts for Diwali, these coffee mugs will serve you well. The cups are hand decorated with lotus designs and highlighted with 24K gold. And they are perfect to gift to your close ones this festive season.

7. Jahanara Platter

Jahanara Platter by The House Of Things 

Gift your loved ones some festive decor as it is an elegant and classy gift option for Diwali. This Jahanara platter is distinguished by an artful shape and gleaming gold-finished edges. Perfect to enhance table decor!

8. Healthy Glow Combo

Healthy Flow Combo from Deyga 

Who doesn’t love healthy, bright, and refreshed skin? So, this Diwali, gift someone this healthy glow combo that consists of rose water toner and a rose and mulethi face pack. Made with natural ingredients, it is the perfect combo for someone who takes their skincare seriously.

9. Danglers

gifts for diwali

Rumi Chandeliers from Tarasha

A pair of classy danglers can never go out of style! These gorgeous and chic danglers are the perfect gift for your sister/wife/best friend. They are so lightweight and can be styled to make any outfit look instantly stunning.

10. Charming Escape Luxurious Matte Lipstick

diwali gifts

Charming Escape Luxurious Matte Lipstick from Kiko Milano

Can’t figure out what to gift the ladies in your life? Well, we say trust a good lipstick to get the job done. And this gorgeous shade from Kiko Milano will not just get the job done but will also get you some extra appreciation! Check out their full range at any of Kiko Milano’s stores.

11. Facial Ice Globes

Facial Ice Globes from Nykaa

Who doesn’t want a spa-like, post-facial glow all day? If you are getting it in the comfort of your home, what could be better? So, this festive season, gift that dreamy glow with smooth, ice-cold massage aids from Nykaa.

12. The Festive Edit Box

gifts for diwali

The Festive Edit Box from The Gourmet Jar 

What are festivities without spreading some joy? No, we aren’t talking about more laddoos because The Festive Edit Box from The Gourmet Jar is all you need to spread joy this year! The limited-edition pack contains Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Cinnamon Almond Butter, Pear Vanilla Preserve, and Saffron Honey.

13. Diwali Glow Kit

Glow Kit from Nourish Mantra

One of the best gifts for Diwali that everyone appreciates is a good skincare kit. Since festivities are the time to look the absolute best, why not gift your loved ones a glow kit? The pack contains Vedic Elixir 8-in-1 Rejuvenating Facial Oil, Tru Glow Face Mask, and Kashmiri Lavender Facial Mist.

14. Tea Time Treasure-Charming Chais

Tea Time Treasure-Charming Chais from Octavius

Know a tea lover who can’t do without at least four cups a day? Because this assorted set of loose black teas is the perfect gift for them. The pack consists of four exotic blends–Indian Masala Chai, Cinnamon Cardamom Black Tea, Earl Grey Black Tea, and Mastani Sanjh Chai.

15. Musori Decorative Planters

gifts for diwali

Musori by Bonasila

If you are looking for gifts for Diwali that are thoughtful and unique, these decorative planters are just what you need. They are sophisticated with a twist of vibrant colours and promise to stand out and beautify any space.

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16. Red Onion & Blackseed Hair Care Range

Red Onion & Blackseed Hair Care Range from The Ayurveda Co.

Just like skincare, a good haircare set is much appreciated. And this range is infused with hair-loving ingredients that control hair fall. The pack consists of oil, shampoo, conditioner, and a nourishing hair mask to repair your hair and create a voluminous, glorious, and frizz-free mane.

17. Ayurvedic Travel Essentials

Amrutam’s Ayurvedic Travel Essentials

Amrutam’s Ayurvedic Travel Essentials – Luxury Gift Bag is a collection of 12 Ayurvedic products to help you care for your body and mind. It also serves as the perfect wellness gift for your loved ones this festive season!

18. The Charcoal Gang

gifts for diwali

The Charcoal Gang from The Man Company

Can’t decide what to gift your loving brother, annoying best friend, charming husband, or dad? Well, look no further because The Charcoal Gang is here to rescue you! It is a complete bundle of joy if you’re looking for grooming products for men.

19. Diwali Celebration Pack

Diwali Celebration Pack from Gaia

Looking for some delicious and healthy gifts for Diwali? Because Gaia has the perfect gift hamper this festive season which includes a variety of healthy cookies. The pack consists of multigrain cookies, oatmeal cookies, digestive cookies, dark chocolate chip cookies, and sugar-free coconut cookies. Binge guilt-free this season!

20. The Candy Delight Festive Box

gifts for diwali

The Candy Delight Festive Box from House Of Candy

Keep it simple and sweet this festive season with delicious candies from House Of Candy! And since everyone loves candy, this delightful festive box is the perfect gift for Diwali.

21. Miniature Hair Care Pack

gifts for diwali

Miniature Hair Care Pack from Faith & Patience

Miniature hair care gift boxes from Faith & Patience are all you need to pamper your loved ones this festive season. It is the perfect way to nurture and indulge in some self-care on a budget!

22. Bharat Snack Plates-Set of 4

Bharat Snack Plates-Set of 4 from FabIndia

Add a touch of elegance and illuminate the festive season with this gorgeous snack plate set. Gift your loved ones this set from FabIndia as it is a classy and thoughtful gift option.

22. Blue Embroidered Suit Set

gifts for diwali

Blue Embroidered Suit Set from Aarke by Ritu Kumar

Make the festivities brighter by gifting your loved ones this elegant suit set from Ritu Kumar’s collection. The classic set with floral thread embroidery is a great gift idea for the festive season.

23. Festive Special Care Packs

Immunity Booster Supplements from Prahna Superfoods 

Get your friends and family a gift of pure goodness and wellness this festive season with Prahna Superfood’s care packs. This pack contains Pure Turmeric, Vanilla Cardamom Golden Milk Mix, and Almond Cinnamon Golden Milk Mix.

24. Contemporary Oblong Leather Neckpiece

Contemporary Oblong Leather Neckpiece Deebaco

Simple and elegant, this rose gold plated neckpiece is handcrafted using leather which is shaped to form a two-layered square bordered with metal. Perfect for a lightweight and unique gift for Diwali.

25. Festive Gift Box

Festive Gift Box from Sleepy Owl

Got a coffee lover in the group? Because this festive gift hamper includes a hot brew, a cold brew, and an enameled mug from Sleepy Owl. And it has all the popular flavours in one pack, so go bold this festive season and gift your coffee lovers this refreshing gift box!

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