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Blossom Kochhar – Part 1 Beauty Calendar For Summer Brides

All About Eve talks to skin specialist Blossom Kochhar on every bridal skincare woe you could have.

All About Eve x ArtFoto Studios: What You Need To Know About Wedding Photography

We spoke to ArtFoto Studios about colours that photograph well, what to know about destination weddings, things you should definitely prepare for as the bride and groom, and more.

How To Use Classic Blue In Your Style And Home

Here’s how you can use Pantone’s Colour Of The Year in your personal style and home decor. Style it right!

Samantha Kochhar Pre Wedding Beauty, Hair & Makeup – Part 2

All About Eve talks to Samantha Kochhar on everything you wanted to know about pre-wedding beauty, hair and makeup.

How To Assemble A Reading Nook

Calling all bookworms! Don’t you wish you had a quiet little reading nook you could sit at and be alone with your books? We heard you and here’s our tutorial on setting up a lovely, cozy little corner just for yourself.

How To Curate A Picnic

From the right rugs to delicious food, here’s everything you need to know to plan the perfect winter picnic this season.

How to Store Indian Couture and Jewellery

Figure out how to store that gorgeous lehenga, and those exquisite sarees and dupattas, with this easy guide.

How to Decorate Your Balcony

Have you been wondering how to make your balcony look greener and a little more polished? We tell you how to make sure your balcony is so cheerful, you’ll never want to sit elsewhere.

Gaurav Gupta Talks About His Bridal Couture & Fine Jewellery Collection

We caught up with couturier Gaurav Gupta to get the lowdown on his latest bridal couture collection and the fine jewellery that goes so well with it.

All About Eve Talks To Tarun Tahiliani About His Latest Collection

We spoke to legendary designer Tarun Tahiliani about his bridal collection and all the latest trends for the wedding season.

All About Eve Talks To Birdhichand Jewellers About Bridal Jewellery Trends

If you’re getting married soon, you need to know about these bridal jewellery trends to get your wedding day look right.

Here’s Everything We Saw at The Vogue Wedding Show 2019

Catch up with everything we saw at the gorgeous Vogue Wedding Show 2019

Looking For Your Dream Home? Find It With ATS Knightsbridge

If you’re looking for a home in Delhi NCR that suits your luxe lifestyle, check out what ATS Knightsbridge has in store.

Tropical Flavours To Give You A Taste of Sunshine @ The Piano Man, Gurugram

Check out these delicious summer cocktails and learn how to make them at the next house party.

All About Eve x Couple Of Bakers: How To Throw A Grown-Up Dinner Party

Throwing a dinner party is a serious sign of adulting. Here’s how you can ace it.

5 Pizza Hacks You Need

Everything you need to know about making your pizza experience even better.

All About Eve Spoke To The House Of MBJ On Bridal Jewellery Trends For 2019

Know all about the latest bridal jewellery trends to make sure your wedding day look is on point.

Fabelle Chocolates On The Most Unique Dessert Options For Brides

Everything about your wedding should be unique and beautiful, including the desserts. Watch the video to know more.

Faaya Gifting Gives Us The Lowdown On Popular Gifting Trends For 2019

Make sure your gifts always stand out in a crowd with these tips.

Shyamal & Bhumika Tell Us About Their Latest Bridal Couture Collection

Watch designers Shyamal & Bhumika explain their latest bridal collection and the trends brides need to know.

All About Eve Speaks To DreamzKrraft Weddings On Wedding Trends For 2019

Find out all the wedding decor trends to plan the perfect wedding.

All About Eve Talks To Manish Malhotra About His Latest Couture Collection

Bollywood’s favourite designer tells us everything we need to know about his bridal couture collection and the thought behind it.

Getting Rid Of PCOS-Related Belly Fat

Watch as Sepalika’s Mahesh Jayaraman explains how to get rid of belly fat which is related to PCOS.

How To Travel Smart

Planned your holiday? Now it’s time to make sure it goes smoothly. Here are a few easy travel hacks for people who don’t like “roughing it out” too much.

How To Use Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Coconut and olive oil have long been superstars in the world of hair. But there’s one oil which is even better. Castor oil is the superfood your hair needs today and every day.

Find Out Why Naina Is On The Speed Dial List Of All Her Friends

For all the women too busy conquering the world, All About Eve brings to you, one simplified platform, to help you make better choices every day.

How To Make Cheese Mushroom Paratha

Nothing better than melted cheese inside a hot paratha!

Traditional Indian Eating Habits That Are Relevant Even Today

Some traditions are worth holding on to.

5 Times Kangana Ranaut Said It Like It Is

The queen of sass strikes again.

7 Home Remedies for UTIs

U-T-WHY! Check out these quick home remedies to get rid of UTIs fast.

How to store Indian Couture in 5 easy steps

Keep your expensive Indian couture in pristine condition, until your next diva appearance

How We Spent Rs 100 In India vs Singapore

Which items were your favourite?

How To Make A Bikini Wax Hurt Less

If the thought of a bikini wax makes you break a sweat, you need to watch this video.

10 Things We Don’t Miss About School

While we fondly remember our teachers today, here are 10 things we don’t miss about school.

Expert Tips To Save Yourself From Smog

Burning eyes, choking lungs? Here’s what you can do.

How To Make A Chicken Omelette

Watch how Mithlesh Andeywala whisks his famous chicken omelette with oodles of butter – so simple yet so comforting.

How To Fold Dumplings

Just in time for date night!

Don’t Let These High Sugar Fruits Bulldoze Your Diet

Our relationship with fruits can be complicated.

This Dog Is Better At Yoga Than Most Humans

This dog will put your yoga skills to shame.

Credits: my_aussie_gal

10 Things We Made Our Dog Try

This dog trying 10 human foods will make your day better.

5 Life Hacks For The Working Mom

Because moms at ease, play longer at the crease.

5 Things To Do On Your Pet’s Birthday

All the canine-approved fun things to do on your pet’s birthday

3 Bollywood Looks To Rent Out This Season

If you wished that you could look like a movie star just for a day, the genies definitely heard it! Rent A Closet brings you easy rentals of gorgeous movie inspired outfits. Now you can rock designer wear just like the leading ladies of Bollywood.

Quinoa And Chickpea Salad With A Desi Twist

We love salad leaves. We love Quinoa. We also like giving everything a desi twist. Try this recipe for lunch and do tell us how you liked it.

Best Sleeping Positions For Back Pain, Neck Pain, PMS And Common Cold

Having trouble getting sleep? Take some tips on how you can fix your positions to get a good night’s rest.

How To Make Egg McMuffin

Dreaming about the perfect Sunday breakfast? All About Eve has got you covered. Learn how to make the traditional Egg McMuffin without having to go through the trouble of buying an English muffin.

How To Freeze Different Things

Go beyond ice. All About Eve tells you how to freeze some unconventional items to make your life easier and a tad bit more stylish.

How To Rest Your Tired Eyes After A Long Day

Does sitting in front of a screen for long hours hurt your eyes? Try these simple eye exercises to make you feel refreshed in just a couple of minutes!

How To Cold Brew Coffee In 3 Easy Steps

Love drinking coffee but dread hot coffee in the summer heat? Here’s how to beat the heat with your favourite drink when brewed cold in 3 easy steps!

How To Pocket Fold A Napkin For Dinner

Hosting a dinner at home and want to appear a little fancy? Learn how to pocket fold a napkin and impress your guests!

How To Clean Dirty Utensils

Cleaning those dirty utensils can be a hassle. Learn how to scrub off all the dirt in half the time with this simple DIY cleaning hack.

How To Clean Your Silver Jewellery

Does your silver jewellery look dull and boring? Learn how to make your silver jewellery shine and appear brand new with this simple DIY cleaning hack.

Busy Man’s Margarita

The only thing better than a margarita is two margaritas. Take life with a pinch of salt, a wedge of lime, some ripe mangoes, a shot of tequila and learn how to prepare a mango chilli margarita!

What Would You Like This Mother’s Day?

We asked a few working mothers what they would like the most this mother’s day. Their answers did not surprise us.
Mothers are always there to take care of their children. Today is their day. Let’s give them all the happiness that they deserve!

How To Cure Chapped Lips

Don’t let flaky, cracked lips get you down. Here is a simple DIY trick to cure chapped lips in no time!

How To Reduce Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes

Tired of dark and puffy circles under your eyes? Don’t get upset, get beautiful. Try this DIY remedy and notice the results in a few days. Panda eyes no more!

Eggs à la All About Eve

Our fitness inspiration for the day is Popeye and his undying love for spinach. Start your day with this wonderful combination of spinach and eggs. Fitness is all about eating right, training hard and living healthy!

Keeping up with Bhumika Grover

Decorate Your Candles

Make your candles appear fancier with just a little glitter. There is no such thing as shining and sparkling too much!

Reuse Plastic Bottles

Tired of old plastic bottles cluttering your home? Turn them into fancy cases to keep your valuables safe with this simple DIY project.

DIY Glitter Bottles

Add a little sparkle to your desk with these DIY glitter bottles. If you don’t own anything sparkly, you’re doing it all wrong!

DIY Cushion Cover

Don’t let your old T-shirts go to waste. Design cushion covers all by yourself with this DIY project and add quirk to your decor!

DIY Candle Stand

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” -Albus Dumbledore
Illuminate your favourite nook with this DIY candle stand. Fancy and useful at the same time!

DIY Wall Art

Unleash your creativity with this simple DIY wall art. Let your imagination run wild and create your own masterpiece with just some foil paper and a canvas!

De-wrinkle Your Clothes Without An Iron

Late for a meeting and can’t find an iron anywhere? These brilliant hacks will let you de-wrinkle clothes without an iron.

Jeans Through The Decades

The evolution of jeans over the decades has made it a part of the fashion world’s legacy. Come, experience this changing trend from the 1950s till today in one brilliant video.

DIY Curd Dip

Relish your food a little more with this easy to make curd dip. The ingredients include hung curd, flavoured mayo, capsicum, crushed garlic, cucumber, salt, and pepper. A yummy side makes everything better!

Easy Recipe for Healthy Hair

Show your locks some love and achieve bouncy, lustrous hair with ingredients that are just a pantry away. Make every day a great hair day with this healthy salad!

Style Your Knee High Boots

With winter in all its glory, make sure you style your knee high boots right. 5 different looks for 5 different moods!

DIY Storage Box

This simple DIY box is the perfect solution for all your storage needs. Preserving and finding things made easier!

Beauty Hacks

The everyday tussle with makeup equipment is something we all can relate to. In the spirit of making life easier, All About Eve presents ‘Beauty Hacks’, your guide to wearing makeup like a boss. Watch to learn 6 key beauty tricks to save you lots of time.

DIY Gifting Ideas To Bring Out The Christmas Spirit In You

Follow these steps to add a personal touch by crafting this beautiful bag out of leftover wrapping sheets and celebrate this festival of giving by sharing joy and little presents with your loved ones.

Make Your Own Wreath This Christmas

Make your guests feel welcome by hanging this beautiful DIY wreath on your doorstep. It’s easy to make and pretty to look at.

Patch It Up

Patch-work has never looked this good. Add spunk to your shirts with this DIY idea. #LearnWithAllAboutEve

How To Brew Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

Eves, we understand your love for coffee because adulting is hard. We owe all our great ideas to this magic potion. Make your mornings easier with this step-by-step tutorial on how to brew coffee without a coffee maker. #LearnWithAllAboutEve

1 Scarf 3 Ways

There is no doubt that a scarf is a girl’s best friend when the temperature outside is low. Add quirk to your outfit by styling your favourite accessory in 3 different ways! #LearnWithAllAboutEve

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

Follow these simple steps and bring your ‘tree of life’ alive with these easy to make Christmas ornaments.

How To Start Your Day On A Healthy Note

Follow these simple tips to give a healthy start to your day. Healthy mornings, healthy you!

7 Life Lessons You Should Unlearn, By Life Coach Anuradda Lilaa

We must unlearn the constellations to see the stars’. Here is our life coach Anuradda Lilaa sharing her pearls of wisdom on 7 important life lessons that will help you in starting your journey to miracles.

6 Neck And Shoulder Exercises That Will Help You Unwind After A Hectic Day At Work

Re-energize your body and soul with these exercises brought to you by All About Eve and Namaha Healthcare. Healthy life, healthy body, healthy mind. Get ready to sweat it out!

Must Have Statement Jackets For Winter Parties

Cold weather and hot fashion is how we define winters. Raise the temperature with these trending jackets, co-curated by HeadTilt and All About Eve, and make a bold statement wherever you go!

Make Rum Mai Tai All By Yourself

Your personal guide to making funky drinks at home. This special Mai Tai recipe by OMG Cafe cocktail experts will definitely end your weekend on a high. Head over to Cafe OMG, Connaught Place, Delhi to get the party started!

A Day Out With Palak Shah

Inside the mind of Palak Shah, CEO, Ekaya, with All About Eve. Rooted in Banaras’ rich textile heritage, Ekaya is a contemporary, bespoke store, presenting the finest works of art from the Indian craftsman’s repertoire.

Diet Hacks by Ekta Diet Dazzle

We at All About Eve believe in promoting a positive body image. So we decided to consult our nutritionist Ekta at Diet Dazzle for some game-changing diet hacks that would definitely help you shed that extra weight. Wishing all you Eves health and wellness.

The Art Of Carpet Weaving

All About Eve wanted to learn the knack of carpet weaving from the finest in the business – The Carpet Cellar. These carpets may be under your feet, but it takes immense hard work to create them.


Tired of swiping left? Try swiping up with Inner chef and get the tasty treat you always desired. The best part? This treat is your own edible creation!

Kala Khatta, Coke and Some Mirch Masala, What’s Not To Love?

Trash your boring old Nimbu Paani and mix it up like a Junglee with this Kala Khatta Masala Coke!

Drinks That Make you Go OMG!

Bored of the usual Cosmopolitans? Why don’t you learn how to make yourself a mean Adam’s Apple? Drop by at the OMG Cafe in Connaught Place to relish all the different cocktails that would make you go OMG!

Elevating Spinach To Best Friend Status Part 3

Pasta can be healthy too! Learn how to make a simple yet scrumptious Avocado and Spinach Pesto Pasta with All About Eve. Bon Appetit!

Hair Makeover with All About Eve

All About Eve is all about makeovers! Our favourite hair dresser, Ofrah, creates magic with some colour and an amazing cut. Watch how he helps our team member get a complete hair makeover.

A Day Out With Pooja Rajpal Jaggi

All About Eve helps you get to know all about your favourite designers. Pooja Rajpal Jaggi is a celebrated designer selling her creative pieces at Ogaan and Aza. We decided to have a chat with her and help you get to know her better. Isn’t she absolutely vivacious?

Elevating Spinach To Best Friend Status Part-2

Popeye loved spinach and so do we! Learn a delicious oriental recipe of spinach with tofu and mushrooms with All About Eve. It’s simple and scrumptious.

Elevating Spinach To Best Friend Status – Part 1

Popeye loved spinach and so do we! Learn a delicious oriental recipe of spinach with tofu and mushrooms with All About Eve. It’s simple and scrumptious.

Day out with Ageerika Hari

Fall in love with the face behind Vaitaanika – Ageerika Hari shares an adorable facet of her personality with All About Eve!

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a ‘Guy’naecologist

Ever wanted to know what your gynaecologist really has to say to you? Look no further, as we bring to you the truth, straight from our personal GUY-naecologist!

5 Hairstyles to Get You Through the Summer in Style

Open up your minds and straighten yourselves up, ladies; there’s so much more you can do with your handy old flat iron- and it doesn’t include straightening! Watch now to see how you can style your hair spectacularly in 5 ways.

Your Quick Contouring Regime by Anjum Khan

Day out with Ridhima Bhasin