Durga Puja is the time of the year when kids are the happiest. They get treated to gifts, and when Saraswati Puja rolls around, they don’t even have to study. Pandals, food, family get-togethers and gifts – it’s one of the best times of the year for children. While the fun and food are easy to take care of, getting your kids the perfect gift can be confusing. So, if you are looking for the perfect gifts for Durga Puja for your kids, here’s a handy guide.

1. Sling bag

Hola Bonita Sling Bag - Pink

A cute sling bag is the perfect gift for your daughters to carry all the money they make during the kanchak puja. It can also be their trusted aide as they run around the Durga Puja pandals for a plate of gol gappas or their favourite chaat.

You can get some really cute sling bags at firstcry.com

2. Customised Jewellery

Square Chain Glossy Bar Pendant with Names for Men & Women

Customised name jewellery is all the rage recently and kids would love to have a necklace or a bracelet with their names on it. If you like, get a pair of matching accessories for yourself and your kids so that you can twin with them.

MyJewel has some really pretty options for name jewellery ranging from bar pendants to engraved bracelets.

3. Notebooks

Writing Notebooks for Kids | Paper Design Co

As kids explore the world in their own little ways, a notebook will always give them company. It can be the medium for them to share their stories, or a safe space for them to share their thoughts. And personalised notebooks make it even better. No more fights between siblings about which notebook is whose.

Get your hands on cute, personalised notebooks from Paper Design Co.

4. DIY kits

DIY kits could include anything ranging from a candle-making kit to a coaster painting kit. These kits enhance a child’s creativity and help them let their imagination loose. They also provide a means for the kids to express themselves while being fun to do.

Find a variety of DIY kits on Scooboo.

5. Games and puzzles

Games are never a waste of time. In fact, games can teach your kids multiple things including how to think independently, how to engage their brains, how to plan and organise and even help with their attention span and problem-solving skills. You can get them a game like Monopoly that’ll give them some valuable money lessons and encourage them to learn negotiation skills, deal with winning and losing and even plan ahead.

You can get games and puzzles at Hamleys.

6. Muslin romper

Organic Muslin Baby Romper

Babies have really sensitive skin. So, if you’re looking for gifts for the little one, there’s a lot of thought that needs to go into it. This muslin romper is adorable and it will also be soothing on a baby’s skin.

You can find more designs on Masilo‘s website.

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7. Super slime

2-in-1 Space Slime Kit

Yes, slime can be a nightmare for parents. But if you present it as an educational tool, who could say no to that? DIY slime experiments can be an interesting way to introduce kids to the world of science and chemistry.

You can find more options on the PodSquad website.

8. Lehenga set

gifts for kids

What’s a better fit for dandiya nights than a vibrant lehenga set? While you’ve got your lehenga ready, don’t forget about your little ones. These abstract printed sets will add a touch of fun and drama to their outfits.

You can get the perfect fit on Stylemylo.

9. Watch

Gifting a watch to kids is often seen as a rite of passage for them to transition into becoming responsible. Picking Durga Puja as the occasion to mark that event is quite perfect, and it will become a memory worth holding on to.

You can find more designs on the Titan website.

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