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Do You Know Which Is The Most Common Surname In India?

Memes on Sharmaji ka beta are probably some of the most popular millennial jokes in India. It'..

9 Things That Make The Latest Season Of Bigg Boss Absolutely Terrible

Reality shows can be the best or the worst of television. Unfortunately, one of the most popula..

Are You Chilled Out Or Pretentious? Here’s What Your Year-Ender Spotify Playlist Says About You

Spotify is great because it customises playlists according to what you listen to. And what you ..

Gender Equality And Karwa Chauth In 2019: Can They Truly Co-Exist?

Karwa Chauth - a festival where women (mostly north Indian) fast for the whole day to pray for ..

Pregnant And Unmarried In India: Why We Need To Stop Making A Big Deal Of It

Being pregnant and unmarried is not a crime in India. Yet, the majority of our population seems..

Neena Gupta’s ‘Sach Kahoon Toe’ Series Is The Life Advice Every Millennial Needs

Whether it's your personal or professional life, everyone can do with a bit of advice now and t..

Emmy Awards 2019: Check Out The Best Fashion Trends We Spotted

The 2019 Emmy Awards just happened early this morning, and many fan favourites, including Game ..

Why Teacher’s Day Isn’t Always Happy: 6 Things Teachers Do That Can Scar A Child For Life

Today is Teacher's Day, a day when we celebrate the people who impart valuable knowledge and pr..

13 Movies And TV Shows To Watch On Netflix, Hotstar And Amazon Prime In September

If you're confused with the long line-up of upcoming movies and shows to watch online, don't wo..

Amazon Rainforest Fire Breaks All Records: Our Planet Is Being Murdered, But Do We Care?

If you've been anywhere on social media in the past couple of days, you would've seen the devas..

Sacred Games Review: Season 2 Raises The Bar On International Television

Last year, Sacred Games was the most highly anticipated thing on Netflix in India. It was the f..

8 Movies And Shows To Stream On Netflix, Amazon Prime, And Hotstar This August

The best thing about the streaming revolution is that there’s no dearth of movies and shows t..

Mixing Tradition With Modernity: Tarun Tahiliani Ends ICW 2019 With A Bang

A designer whose name is legendary in Indian fashion, Tarun Tahiliani always leaves a lasting i..

Brides Of 2019, You Need To Check Out Shyamal And Bhumika’s Latest Couture Collection

One of the leading fashion houses of India, Shyamal and Bhumika are every Indian bride's dream ..

Shimmer & Shine! Pankaj And Nidhi’s Couture Collection At ICW 2019 Will Make You Feel Like A Superstar

India Couture Week 2019 has been an absolute joy so far. From Amit Aggarwal's dazzling opening ..