Unless you are Ariana Grande buying matching diamonds for six of your bitches, we have something great for you. Showing some love to your best friends every now and then is a good idea. And with Friendship’s Day just around the corner, you must be racking your brains for the perfect gift. So, sit back because we have some fun, quirky, and cute Friendship Day gifts under ₹1,000 that your besties and your pocket will love!

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1. Box of insults

friendship day gifts

Box Of Insults from Oye Happy

There is no better form of showing love to your best friends! All the sarcasm, jokes, and insults are always dripping with love, so we found just the perfect gift for you. This box of insults has some seriously hilarious insults written just for your best buds.

2. Best friends forever caricature

friendship day gift ideas

Best Friends Forever Caricature from IGP

Need to remind your friends how much you love them constantly? Well, this quirky caricature will get the job done. It makes for one of the most fun and adorable Friendship Day gifts, so go ahead and get your BFFs a customised caricature this year!

3. A quirky mug

Mug with Gun Handle from Propgifts

If your friends love collecting cool and quirky things, this mug will serve them right. And it’s the perfect Friendship Day gift for all your hot-headed friends too.

4. Personalised 3D crystal

gifts for friendship day

Best Friend Rectangle 3D Crystal from Privy Express

Love giving something memorable and unique to your friends? Because this 3D crystal is simply adorable. Show your love by getting your BFFs this personalised crystal and watch them cheer up! This is a great Friendship Day gift to signify your bond with your besties.

5. Decor ceramic tile

Printed Table Décor Ceramic Tile from Indigifts

This gift is perfect for the days when you want to remind your friends how much you love them. And it is a great table decor piece to keep them on their feet and help them not laze around all day.

6. Chocolate box

Friendship Day Chocolate Box by Bogatchi

For all those friends who have given you their handwritten notes and helped you sneak out in the name of group studies, you need to get a chocolate box. Send a box of sweetness for all your padhaaku friends as a way to show them how much you appreciate them!

7. A wooden medal

friendship day gifts

Wooden Medal by Wood Geek

Every group has that one friend who thinks they are the next Indian Idol but they’re actually nothing better than bathroom singers. This gift is perfect for all those friends and their bathroom concerts! You can also get this customised as per your liking.

8. AirPods case

AirPod Pro Case from The June Shop

For all those friends who love fancy accessories for their iPhones, a quirky AirPods case is a great Friendship Day gift. It is cute, super stylish, and your friends will definitely love using it!

9. Harry Potter scarves

Harry Potter House Scarves from Bigsmall.in

If you have a die-hard Potterhead in your group, these Harry Potter scarves will definitely cheer them up. Gift them a little bit of Hogwarts to carry with them. These scarves are super easy to style and can be worn for several occasions!

10. Quirky candles

Sleeping @ 4AM Candle from Sambuka

This one is for all those night owls who just can’t stop scrolling through Instagram. Gift this candle to remind them to stop stalking ad get some sleep. It is also perfect for people who love to meditate or just add a little quirk to their space.

11. A cute planter

friendship day gift

Grow Dammit! Planter from Chumbak

This planter is the ideal gift for a friend who never gives up on you or anything else! For that persistent, stubborn friend, this is a great Friendship Day gift. It will remind them that no matter how annoyingly persistent they are, you still love them!

12. Personalised sanitiser cover

Personalised Sanitiser Cover from The Messy Corner

A personalised sanitiser cover is practical, fun, and a useful gift item this year. So, for all those friends who literally smell like they bathed in sanitiser, get them this cover! And brownie points for carrying a sanitiser everywhere and being cautious in such times.

13. Coffee and chai magnets

Coffee & Chai Spirit Animal Magnet from Qtrove

The endless debate of coffee v/s chai can never come to an end. So, whatever poison your friends wake up to in the morning, these magnets are perfect for them. End the debate and get them this combo of coffee and chai magnets to brighten up their day!

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