Amazon Saheli is one of Amazon’s most thoughtful initiatives in recent years. It provides a marketplace for women entrepreneurs in India to sell their products to a wider, untapped audience. The Amazon Saheli store features a variety of products, ranging from home decor to handicrafts and much more. And you will be thrilled to know that everything in this store comes from women-led businesses across the country.

Check out the range of products available with Amazon Saheli.

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1. Handloom sarees

Saree by Look and Adorn

Brands like Six Yards Plus and Raama Collections offer some gorgeous handloom sarees. The products start from as low as ₹500 and go up to ₹10,000. From cotton to silk, the sarees are handwoven and printed by women artisans. You can get your hands on some really beautiful handloom pieces here.

2. Quirky stationery

amazon saheli

Planners by Alicia Souza

Who doesn’t love some super cute and quirky stationery items? At the Amazon Saheli store, you can find notebooks, paper bags, wall calendars, bookmarks, and so much more at very reasonable prices. Try vendors like Macro and Indogifts, and you might just make a significant contribution to a small business. Also, the collections are super cool, quirky, and start from as low as ₹150! Check it out here.

3. Beauty products

products on amazon saheli

Clarifying Serum from Dr. Sheth’s

A lot of people buy makeup and skincare products online, so buying from the Saheli store isn’t going to be that different. It has everything from all your favourite brands like Curl Up, Auravedic, and many more. You can shop cosmetics, skincare, and even grooming products at this store. Explore here.

4. Women’s footwear

Footwear from Kanvas

From juttis and slip-ons to heels and flats, you can find an amazing variety of footwear at Pepme, Kokrakari, and more. You can get your hands on some of the finest leather kolhapuri chappals, quirky printed loafers, and cushion slippers starting from ₹260. Check it out here.

5. Planters and pot holders

amazon saheli

Plant hanger from Pepme

How about adding a green touch to your home? With the scorching summer coming soon, make your place a green, clean, and cool space to chill at. Check out some really cute planters, hangers, and pot holders for your plants at Party Stuff, Love is Green, and many other brands. Explore more here.

6. Feminine hygiene products

Brease by Carmesi

From sanitary products and face razors to soothing creams, you can find anything you need here. The feminine hygiene products at this store are curated and sold by women for women. And you can get a great bunch of good quality stuff at very reasonable prices. Check out Bleu, Gynocup, and more here.

7. Kitchen products

Bamboo basket by Kadam Haat

Amazon Saheli has a great collection of handcrafted kitchen products at amazing prices. You can get coaster sets, serving baskets, cutlery trays, and more at Roshni by Sunita Bali, Aditya Blue Art Pottery, and more. Take a look at the variety of products here and amp up your kitchen.

8. Healthy snacks and mixes

women entrepreneurs in India

Instant Breakfast mixes from Slurp Farm Store

Protein bars, healthy mixes, nuts, seeds–you name it and they have it. From dosa mix to pancake mix, you can get anything that you are craving at YogaBar, ASAP, and more. Browse through the section to find a healthy and tasty snack option for yourself here.

9. Handmade gifts

Scrapbook by Crack of Dawn Craft Store

Tired of looking for gifts for your loved ones? The Amazon Saheli store is your one-stop-shop for handmade gift items. You will get everything from explosion boxes to scrapbooks, greeting cards, and more here. The products are handmade and curated by local and small businesses led by women entrepreneurs in India. Check out Happy Wagon and others here

10. Home decor pieces

Cushion covers by Pepme

Want to redo your home or add some statement pieces to your decor? We know just the place you need to check out. The Saheli store offers an amazing variety of rugs, cushions, vases, and other gorgeous decor items. Explore Fab Nation, Earthy India, and more here.

For more cool stuff, check out the Saheli store.

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