Experimenting with different positions in bed or trying out something new can be fun and exciting. After all, sex is meant to be enjoyed. A new kink or a fetish can elevate the experience to a whole new level. While certain sexual kinks and fetishes can be weird AF, others are quite common.

sexual kinks and fetishes

Now before we move on, let’s just be clear on what kink and fetish mean. A kink is usually something sexual that one enjoys doing in order to get aroused. It is usually outside of mainstream sexual activities and subjective. What’s kinky for you might be plain vanilla for your friend. A fetish, on the other hand, is one that is a MUST to get aroused. You cannot get aroused if you don’t engage with your fetish. Like, if after a date, you end up having sex in the restaurant’s bathroom, that’s kinky. But, if you always need to do it in a restaurant’s bathroom or any other public space, that’s a fetish.

Here are some sexual kinks and fetishes that you won’t even believe exist in reality. But hey, we’re not judging, you do you.

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1. Nylons

This fetish is the need to see someone in nylons or to make them wear it. Usually, a nylon fetish involves getting aroused from the tactile feel of the fabric rather than just looking at it.

2. Hand fetish

hand fetish

Also known as quirofilia, this is an intense sexual attraction to fingers and hands. A person is aroused by certain aspects of the hands, like a manicure or a certain nail paint. Hand fetishes also include certain acts done by hands like scratching the back, hand jobs, or fingering.

3. Katoptronphilia

Katoptronphilia is the feeling of getting sexually aroused with the idea of having sex in front of mirrors. Now, if you place the mirrors in the appropriate position and position yourself to get the best view, this can be sexy AF.

4. Voyeurism

Now, this one’s pretty common in porn and erotic literature. Voyeurism is getting aroused by the act of observing others getting naked or indulging in sexual activities. Only consensual voyeurism counts as a kink or fetish. This could include watching your partner masturbate, going to a strip club, or watching someone indulge in sexual play together. If there’s no consent, it’s just illegal, so beware.

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5. Agalmatophilia

sexual fetish

Did you know there are people who get their kicks from statues, dolls, or mannequins? Agalmatophilia is the sexual attraction to a statue or other such figurative object. Well, we must admit that there is a certain appeal to this fetish. No fear of a toxic relationship with a statue, is there?

6. Stygiophilia

If you wanted to burn up the sheets, know that there are people who are aroused by thoughts of hellfire and damnation. That’s put a whole new meaning to going through hell for the sake of pleasure.

7. Spectrophilia

Sometimes, humans don’t live up to your expectations, so you need to invoke the supernatural powers that be. Spectrophiliacs are people who are attracted to ghosts and often wish to have sex with one. Now, that’s an un-boo-lievable fetish right there!

8. Axilism

Weird AF, but the world has armpits fetishism too. Axilism is usually sexual attraction to armpits often leading to sex with the armpits. We are a little lost on the logistics here, but if you are determined, you can surely come up with a way to get it done. We guess! Maybe not?!

9. Hematolagnia

sexual kinks

All you vampire enthu-cutlets, this one is for you. If you ever wanted to do a live recreation of Edward sucking on Bella’s blood, know that you are not alone. Hematolagniacs have a fetish for blood that evokes arousal, often indulging in licking or drinking blood through biting. Time to bring out those fangs!

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