Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I’m sure you’re looking for ways to make it super special this year. I know being stuck at home due to the pandemic is a total bummer, but it’s not going to dampen our spirits! There are so many different ways in which we can celebrate and make something special for daddy dearest. Here are some interesting ideas for Father’s Day 2020 in quarantine.

1. Plan a lavish Father’s Day dinner

We all know about our dad’s favourite dishes! Put in all your ideas together and plan three-course meals. Go all out with appetisers, a delicious main course, and desserts. You can even plan drinks, and have a great party at home with your parents.

2. Go back to the good old days with handmade Father’s Day cards

Weren’t handmade cards always the most special part of a celebration when we were kids? We had so much fun making them, and our parents loved and cherished them. Check out this tutorial to make a special card for your dad.

3. Have an at-home wine tasting event

Bring out the best wines from your collection and have a wine tasting event with your dad. You can even turn it into a fun quiz game of who guesses the ingredients best. We suggest stocking up with a few different kinds of wines to make it interesting.

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4. Make a family video with all your cousins

We have seen too many birthday videos online during these quarantine months! It’s time to turn it into a Father’s Day special event now. Collaborate with your cousins and make a special video message for all the dads in your family.

5. Conduct a ‘Father’s Day 2020 Ludo Tournament’

Have a day-long tournament and assign a winning reward to each game. At the end of the day, have a final round to announce the winner’s name in true Olympics style!

6. Have a wine-and-paint class

Tune into YouTube channels or IGTVs of online tutorials, and engage in a wine and paint class with your dad.

7. Sign up for an online fitness class

If your dad is missing his gym class, surprise him with a virtual set-up! There are many fitness instructors who have started online classes, and it’s truly doing wonders for people in quarantine.

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8. Conduct a Kaun Banega Crorepati contest at home

We’ve all had moments of our dads answering KBC questions and saying, ‘I could totally win this game!’ This Father’s Day, have your KBC at home and let your dad live the dream.

9. Watch your dad’s favourite movie with him

You might not be a fan of your dad’s favourite genre, but make an effort this time and have a movie night with him.

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10. Learn a craft from your dad

Dads are full of hidden talents, and there’s no better person to learn a few hobbies from. My dad, for example, started making decorative bowls out of recycled newspaper and cement. Wouldn’t it be super cool to learn something like that and make a fun Father’s Day activity out of it?

11. Participate in online Father’s Day activities

Have you seen our super special Father’s Day activity yet? Check out the post below for details.


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12. Camp out in your garden (or make a fort in your living room!)

Fill your picnic baskets with wines and cheese, pizzas, and all things yum, camp out in your garden, and share stories! Get your dad to talk about his childhood and some of the fun things he remembers.

13. Have a ‘Father’s Day 2020 Tambola Night’

All social gatherings are non-existent at the moment, so it’s the best time to have your Tambola nights at home. You can make it a little interesting by getting your relatives on Zoom calls and having a family Tambola night!

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14. Have a which-parent-is-most-likely-to contest

There are many fun contests that you can have at home with your parents, but is there anything truly better than watching your parents compete?


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15. Turn your home into a salon for the day

Give your dad a soothing facial, manicure, pedicure, and even a haircut–if he’s willing to take the risk–and make this Father’s Day one to remember!

16. Bake a cake at home

I know baking a cake can require some technical know-how, but there are many easy recipes online that you can try for cakes at home. For starters, you can check out these easy cake recipes that don’t ask for a lot.

There are so many ways to make it a special day for your dad, and these are only some of them! Which one are you going to pick to make your Father’s Day 2020 celebrations in quarantine unique?

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