I know what you are thinking! Period sex might sound gross, unsafe, and uncomfortable, but have you ever actually tried it? It is pretty normal and can be even better than non-period sex! Yes, it can be messy but there are ways to prevent this problem. Also, apart from giving you an intense orgasm, period sex can actually help with menstrual pain too. But if you are still not sure, we are here to help you understand how to do it and have a great time!

period sex


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How you can have sex on your period safely

period sex

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Period sex is absolutely safe and natural. As long as you are following some basic tips and being open with your partner, there is nothing to worry about. Here are some ways and practices to ensure safe sex.

1. Have an honest conversation with your partner

Period sex can make a lot of people feel conscious, so having an honest conversation about it with your partner is the right way to start. Let them know how you feel about it and ask them to share their opinion too since it is completely natural. Once you are both comfortable, take it slow.

2. Skip the heavy flow days

Usually, periods can last from anywhere between four to eight days. So, depending on your cycle, avoid days of heavy flow for period sex. Once your flow goes down a little, you can indulge yourself.

3. Remove the pad/tampon/menstrual cup before starting

This seems pretty obvious, but don’t forget to remove your sanitary products before getting down to business. If you have a tampon inserted, make sure you pull it out before you begin.

4. Don’t skip protection

Whether you use condoms or any other protection method, your period is no excuse to skip it. You can still get sexually transmitted infections and a surprise pregnancy. So, to keep things safe and healthy, it is always advised to use protection during sex, whether or not you’re on your period.

5. Use a towel or get down on the floor

Period sex is unavoidably messy but it can be mindblowing. So, putting a towel on your bed to keep things under control is a great idea. Or you can make it a little bit steamier and manage the mess if you do it on the floor. You can also try the bathtub, a secluded open place, or the shower.

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6. Be mindful of your sex positions

No matter how much you enjoy being on top or getting into the cowgirl position, it is best to avoid it on your period. Pick positions that allow you to be closer to the surface so gravity doesn’t create more of a mess. And taking a shower after you are done is the best way to get cleaned up real quick.

What are the benefits of period sex?

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Apart from the fact that it is totally amazing and fun to try, it does have some great health benefits. No one loves period cramps and headaches, and period sex helps out with that and a lot more.

1. Relieves menstrual cramps

We all know about the nasty period cramps and how they can make you stick to a hot compress all day long. But sexing during periods can actually help and relieve those cramps. Orgasms release endorphins which tend to dull the pain of menstrual cramps.

2. Can make your period shorter

The contractions caused by period sex can help in pushing the uterus lining out faster. And this can result in a shorter period cycle for some women. Do you need more convincing to get down and dirty?

3. Can get rid of nasty headaches

Even though you want to do nothing more than lying in bed when period headaches arrive, there is something better to do. Having sex on your period can help with cluster headaches and migraines. You can thank those endorphins again.

4. Increased sex drive

Periods can make you horny as they are well known for messing up hormones and causing mood swings. So, it goes without saying that periods can also lead to a better sex drive which eventually leads to better and more enjoyable sex. There is really no need to hold back just because you’re menstruating, you know.

5. Natural lubrication

If you are finally past the ‘yuck’ and ‘eww period sex is gross’ stage, you might be able to see this part as a silver lining. Blood is a natural lubricant and can make things easy and super smooth. And we’ve already told you how to figure out your way around the mess.

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6. A little oral might help you climax quicker

Stop getting grossed out by the thought of oral sex while you are on your period. If you want your partner to perform oral sex on you, wear a tampon or a cup to contain the blood and ask them to just focus on the clitoris.

7. Anal sex is always on the table

If you still aren’t convinced about vaginal intercourse on your period, maybe you could try anal sex. That way, you can keep your tampon or menstrual cup inside and there won’t be any mess at all. And if you are new to anal sex, go slow.

Follow these tips and tricks and you can have an amazing time without creating a bloody mess!

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