Traditionally, women are told that it is only men who make the first move when it comes to romantic relationships. Many women also wait for a man to approach them. But it’s 2022, ladies! It’s time to take the reins. Making the first move on a guy is not easy at all. But good things in life don’t come easy, do they? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re ready to take the leap.

1. Let go of the anxiety

how to make the first move

Having your stomach in knots when you are with your crush is pretty common. You are so worried about making a good impression that you’ve turned into a bundle of nerves. There’s anxiety about what the other person will think. Or you may even fear rejection. And all of these are valid and understandable reasons to be worried. It’s best to accept it and make peace with your anxiety. Give yourself a pep talk, take a few deep breaths, and woman up!

2. Is he available?

Before you go shooting your shot, check if the guy is available. You don’t want to waste time and effort on a guy who is either already in a relationship or not interested in you at all.

3. Does he match your vibe?

Feeling a connection with a man is very important before getting into a relationship with him. If you feel you don’t vibe well, or if you feel discomfort with them, and even if you feel they are uncomfortable with your presence, it is best to back off. There’s no point forcing a connection no matter how good-looking your crush is.

4. Strike a conversation

how to make a move on your crush

Make an obvious statement about something common between the two of you or crack a joke. Either way, it’ll help break the ice. You can talk about a common friend, a colleague, or something that’s going on at work. And if you know you and your crush share a hobby, talk about that. Nothing loosens up people more than a topic they are passionate about.

5. Don’t be stingy with the compliments

Who doesn’t enjoy being complimented? Give the guy an honest compliment and watch him beam with joy. It could be a compliment about his physical appearance, what he is wearing, or a personality trait you find really attractive.

6. Let the smile loose

Happy faces are automatically more attractive. So, let that beautiful smile of yours loose. And if your crush sees you smiling at them when you are having a conversation, they’ll know you are enjoying your time together.

7. Maintain eye contact

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Trust us, there is something insanely sexy about making eye contact with someone you are interested in. Maintaining eye contact while talking to your crush signals confidence and honesty – two traits that most people find attractive.

8. Make physical contact

Physical contact is usually a clear indication of interest in the other person. No, we don’t mean you need to throw yourself at your crush or get into their personal space. Just a light touch on their arm while talking can signal interest. And if they are interested, they will reciprocate the touch as well.

9. Pay attention to the body language

A person’s body language can tell you a lot about how they feel about you. If he mirrors your body language, that could be a sign of interest. Watch if he is paying attention to what you are saying, or is he more interested in looking out the window? If he sits back and listens to you, it’s a sign he is relaxed. If he leans in as you talk, that’s a signal of interest. So, pay attention to how he responds to you.

10. Get your flirt on

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Don’t be afraid to flirt with your crush. Casually flirt while having a conversation, drop a flirtatious smile or a look. But be careful not to push any boundaries. Nobody likes people who cross boundaries.

11. Make your interest clear

Nobody likes to second guess your intentions. So, be upfront about your attraction and interest in your crush. Just tell them you are interested in them and would like to see where it goes. Don’t be overbearing and force yourself on your crush. That is just going to backfire. Again, be careful not to push any boundaries.

12. Don’t be afraid of rejection

If one guy rejects you, don’t be disheartened. There are lots of fish in the sea, so to speak. Accept the rejection gracefully and move on. Next time you meet someone who ignites a spark in you, don’t be afraid to make a move. Remember, you are awesome and you are a great catch!

Making the first move on a guy can be intimidating AF, but it is also fun to connect with new people. Even if you don’t find a romantic partner, you might just end up with a friend for life. Remember to stay confident and flaunt your awesomeness!

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