Every day, you learn something new, especially when it comes to sex and sexual terminology. Whoever thought S-E-X is the only way to ask for intercourse never heard of boinking, doing the deed, or a hoard of other euphemisms. How you have sex, where you have sex, the various sexual acts you perform, who you have sex with–everything’s got a name today. And we are here to educate you on those exact terms. Let’s start with the ABCs of sex, shall we?

1. ABC sex

The good old-fashioned sex that is not too frequent. The ABC here stands for anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas. Now, this could apply to a couple who have sex just a few times a year or an LDR couple who only meet on special occasions.

2. Alpha male

Alpha GIF

The hot, dominant guy on whose command you drop those undies. He’s intelligent, successful, and confident, and he usually holds positions of power.

3. Bareback

The best way to contract STDs and invite unwanted pregnancies. When you decide to lose the condom and enjoy sex in all your naked glory, that’s when you go bareback.

4. Douching

The absolutely unnecessary act of flushing your vagina with water or a mixture of fluids. Firstly, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ and doesn’t need any help from you. Secondly, it could cause serious yeast or bacterial infections. You don’t need either, do you?

5. Edging

Grand Canyon Edge GIF

When you are promised something, but it’s not delivered. Okay, it’s not that bad. Edging is when you delay your orgasm for as long as possible to ultimately have a more intense orgasm. It sounds unnecessary, but when you do it right, edging can really change the game for you.

6. Jelqing

The perfect way to get certain things, well, bigger. The practice of stroking an already erect penis in a certain way with the hope of increasing its size is called jelqing.

7. Metamours

Applicable to those in an open relationship, a metamour is basically your partner’s lover. Your spouse’s BF, GF, hookup buddy or whoever they are boinking when you aren’t around.

8. Mile High Club

truTV sex plane trutv bathroom GIF

When you can’t keep it in your pants even on a flight, you are proud members of the Mile High Club. Fly high, quite literally.

9. Pearl necklace

No, these aren’t the Hyderabadi pearls your partner gifted you, but these come from the significant other nonetheless. When your penis-owning partner ejaculates onto your neck or chest, that’s a pearl necklace. The term is used because sometimes the drops of semen look like, well, pearls. Never thought a pearl necklace would be part of a list of sexual terms now, did you?

10. Pegging

If you wanna try anal sex on your partner with a dildo on, that’s pegging. Done by non-penis owners with a strap-on dildo, pegging is anal sex with a fancy name.

11. Pillow princess

marilyn monroe GIF

It’s exactly as it sounds. Peak princess behaviour, people. When you are too lazy to pick up the slack and just lie on your back while your partner does all the laborious physical work during sex, you are a pillow princess, babe.

12. Queefing

In layman’s terms, a queef is nothing but vaginal flatulence. It’s quite common during sex or solo play as well…and it’s perfectly normal.

13. Rimming

Also called the rim job, this is nothing but oral sex for the anus. If you are stimulating the anus using your mouth, that’s rimming.

14. Squirting

Zdf Im Horny GIF by funk

This is the female equivalent of ejaculation, but it doesn’t always guarantee an orgasm. It’s not exactly pee, more like a gush or a trickle. Don’t go by porn though, you probably won’t be squirting out a fountain of discharge.

15. Venus butterfly

A sexual act where your genitals are stimulated, both orally and manually. If someone is going down on you, or if you are going down on someone while also fingering them, then you are performing the Venus butterfly. That’s one helpful sexual term to add to your list.

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