Having your own home bar, in all its carefully measured, masterfully constructed glory, is a statement to the world. But styling it could turn out to be a daunting task. It is these personal masterstrokes that can turn a house into a home. These 11 bar styling ideas on Instagram will give you all the creative space and flexibility you need to transform an area of your home into the perfect bar space.

1. For the Plant Lover in You

Display your affection for flora by placing your favorite plants in your bar area. You can place the pots on the liquor closet and if you have a bar cart, you can keep bonsai trees to make it colorful and vibrant. Regardless of the fact whether yours is an indoor or an outdoor bar, a breath of freshness is always welcome. Add lights to the plants to make it all sparkly and bright, making it a perfect nook for cold weather!


2. Get Festive With a Makeshift Bar

It’s a special occasion and you are calling over your family and friends for lunch.  With all your loved ones under one roof, you need a rather comfortable place for all the frolicking. Get all your bar essentials and place them on a small stand at one edge of the center table. Glasses and plates of food can occupy rest of the table area. Add a beautiful vase of flowers to complete the look. Make sure you choose a place where the lighting is good, like under a chandelier.


3. A Stylish Trolly With Stylish Bar Accessories

Add a vintage look to your bar cart with imitate faux leather accessories. Make a statement at your next house party and leave your guests impressed by serving them in style.


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4. Go Minimalist

If you believe in keeping your bar area rather simple and neat, you can opt for this home bar design. All you need are a few wooden stools around a table, placed next to a liquor cabinet, to complete the look. If you want to spend some time with a special one, lost in their eyes or just with yourself, we can think of no better place.


5. Don’t Be Afraid to Add a Little Colour

Convert your kitchen top to a bar space by placing a tray with your favourite liquor and some glasses. Set against a monochrome tone, this addition of weaved recycled leather seats will make your drinking area pop.


6. The Bar Armoire

If you have an ornate cupboard in your home, you are in luck. Style the closet space to contain all the bar essentials and the extras to give your bar area an antique and classy look. This ‘barmoire’ will not only use up the vacant space but give a stylish makeover to your home decor.


7. Geometry to the Rescue

If you think that something is missing even after you’ve stocked up your bar, you might consider decorating your surroundings a bit. To keep the simplicity intact, addition of a few picture picture frames and a wall clock that complement the shade of your wall doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Style it in a way that the entire decor speaks to you, about you.


8. Be Creative with Makeshift Shelves

Put up a few wooden shelves and convert it into a swanky bar space if you find a wall in your home, which is too empty or dull. Put some fairy lights into used liquor bottles and hang them from the shelves to create a magical effect. Easy-peasy!


9. Create a Restaurant Feel

Taking a cue from this restaurant, you can style your home bar to create a romantic environment for a special occasion. These innovative additions of a small menu board ( you can include a personal message on it too), some scented candles and a small plant might create a moment, which both of you will remember for a lifetime.


10. Build a Wine Wall

Place a table against a wall with bar essentials on it. What’s new in it you ask? Just look at the beautiful wine wall just above it. If you have an undying love for wine, we say that this one is a must-build in your home.


11. Place a Mirror

Add a touch of personality to your bar area by introducing a full length mirror. Place it behind the bar counter or keep your bar cart in the front to make this important corner of your home stand out.


Let the happy hours begin!

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