June 15, 2017

Confidence overrides all home decor rules. So if you can’t decide on what colours to paint on the wall or patterns to pick for the sofa cover, ask yourself this – what’s your personal style? It can be quirky, whimsical or quaint – you don’t necessarily have to fit in the design rulebook while decorating your home. Let these print on print decorating ideas guide you how to break out of the comfort zone and decorate your room in a way that reflects your character. Read on and get ready to summer proof your homes with these colourful, out of the box ideas.

1. Mix and Match your Furniture

Even though furniture is sold in sets, you don’t necessarily have to buy it all together. Go ahead and pick your favourite chairs and sofas in vibrant hues. Keep the colours light and summery for a refreshing look.

print on print decor rules

2. Add Colour with Pillows

Throw pillows are the easiest way to perk up a room. But they don’t have to be in matching colours always. Choose different prints and sizes for different sofas.

print on print decorating ideas

3. Get Creative with Wallpaper

You can instantly transform a boring piece of furniture with wallpaper. Decorate your dresser, cabinets and side drawers with bright wallpaper to customise your furniture.

print on print decorating ideas

4. Printed Curtains that say summer is here

Popping colours on the curtains will add brightness to your day.

print on print decorating ideas

5. Create Randomness in Patterns

Coordinate your design rather than matching it. Pick different geometric patterns in the same colour. You can also pair it with florals in the same colour.

print on print decorating ideas

6. Preppy sofas for a feminine space

Who wouldn’t want to come home to these comfy and inviting sofas?

print on print decorating ideas

print on print decorating ideas

7. Carpets as wall hangings

Sometimes they look as good on the floor as off it. See here for some more carpet as wall hanging ideas.

print on print decorating ideas

So what’s your personal style? Tell us in the comments below:

All photos courtesy: Pinterest.com