July 1, 2016

It is astounding to see the magnitude of things you can do using a solitary thing. Mason jars are incredibly versatile and we are obsessed with how beautiful they look. These containers can be utilized for gatherings, as organizers, as lamps and what not.

On the off chance that you have some mason containers lying around, here are a couple of things you can do with them. Furthermore, if per chance you don’t have any mason jars, go out and grab a few. These 10 creative ideas will guarantee you bang for your buck.

Will these be Instagram worthy? Absolutely!

1. Sewing Unit

mason jars

Courtesy: HGTV

Separate the sealer and the screw top. Place the sealer base side up on fabric and utilizing a pencil, draw a circle around it. Utilize a paste gun to pipe a touch of paste along the edge and after that overlay the fabric around the edge, making little packs. When you’re 75% done with the work, stuff cotton between the fabric and the top, ensuring it’s even.


2. Art Supplies Organizer

Children can without much of a stretch see inside the glass containers to discover what they’re searching for, from colored pencils to paste sticks. Go cover less for additional long things, similar to pipe cleaners or hued pencils.

mason jars

Courtesy: cutegirlhairstyles.com

3. Night Lights

This container makes a supernatural natively constructed night light. You can fill a vast container with a few strands of battery-operated lights to add caprice to a pathway or an end table.

mason jars

Courtesy: elightbulbs.com

4. Blender Container

Until you supplement you broken blender jar, attempt this impermanent fix. Screw the sharp edged congregations right onto a little mouth Mason container. Try not to fill it by more than half. Also, as with any standard blender, maintain a strategic distance from putting in exceptionally hot fluids.

mason jars

Courtesy: goodhousekeeping.com

5. Serving jars

It can be used for a solid breakfast, layer granola, yogurt, blueberries, pumpkin seeds and maple syrup in a Mason container.

mason jars

Try Wonderland’s exclusive range of nuts and berries for wholesome goodness.

6. Piggy Bank

You can easily drop your spare change toward the end of every day into a piggy bank made by you and save it for your next vacation.

mason jars

Courtesy: diyandcraftsideas.com

7. Preserve Berries

To save berries, stack them in the jug, so that there are no air spaces left. At the point when completely filled, close the cover firmly. You can refill once it gets empty.

mason jars

Courtesy: flickr.com

8. Light up your Space

At the point when the sun starts to set, disseminate jars loaded with white votive candles around the yard for an easier going lightening.

mason jars

Courtesy: MODwedding

9. Cocktail Jars

Make a centerpiece out of beverages. Serve them up in containers embellished with beautiful banners. You can use glued letters to illuminate your preferred expression. Visitors can help themselves as they sit down.

mason jars

Courtesy: Flavorite

10. Baking Desserts

Fill jars around 75% full with cake blend. Then, heat in a substantial preparing utensilat a high temperature to achieve seventy five percent of the cooking in the jars. Then, top the cooled one with jam. Refrigerate for no less a few hours.

mason jars

Courtesy: foodfunfamily