October 18, 2017

In a few days from now, we will have a string of festivals visiting us and that period will be one of joy and happiness for us. While crackers are the standard form of celebrating Diwali or Guy Falkes Day, our pets may not be very happy with these crackers blowing around. So, how do we save our lovable pets from all this noise and smoke?

1. Desensitize them from noise and smoke

Many pet owners like to expose their animals and birds to ‘small doses of noise’. While, it may help the pets in accepting this mayhem in the short term, many animal psychologists are not sure about the long term effects of this solution. Pets being creatures having different mental makeup from ours, they may not accept this kind of ‘immunization’.

save your pets from diwaliPicture Credits- wikihow.com

2. Create a safe soothing place for the pets

Lets us accept this; our neighbours are not going to alter their behaviour of lighting up crackers during Diwali time simply because we have pets. The most obvious response to this kind of situation is to try to make our homes noise proof. Pad up your rooms by rolling out heavy carpets. If you have heavy curtains then, cover your windows with them. Close all the doors and windows and just hope that no outside sound comes inside. A word of caution-do not shut yourself away from your pet. Make him see you at all times so that he remains comforted. You can even buy some toys for your birds, dogs and cats for that day to keep your pet occupied. Play with them. Dogs like tennis balls for company while the cats like to snuggle up to their owners’ laps.

save your pets from diwaliPicture Credits- www.brit.co

3. Ear covers

This solution is especially for dogs or cats. There are special ear covers that many pet shops sell. These covers can be wrapped around your doggy’s ears and you can just hope that he doesn’t get disturbed by all those bombs and crackers going off outside. Many pet shops sell this accessory. You can can even create your own using scraps of unused cloth.

save your pets from diwaliPicture Credits- Pinterest.com

4. Talk to Animal Behaviour Specialists

Your pets demonstrate different behaviour in different situations. For example, your bird may react in a particular way when a visitor comes. The reaction may change when someone rings your door bell. Studying and mapping different behavioural patterns of your pets will help the animal counsellor to advise you of ways on how to tackle situations like those of Diwali.

5. Medication

One of the least appreciated techniques to soothe your pet is to administer medicines. There are specific injections and medicines which help the pets- especially the dogs- to calm down in noisy and other distressing environments. Please note that while such administrations may calm your pet down, please do not make him accustomed to this remedy. Frequent use of drugs and chemicals may make your pet unwell. Consult a vet in this regard.