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3 Bollywood Looks To Rent Out This Season

If you wished that you could look like a movie star just for a day, the genies definitely heard it! Rent A Closet brings you easy rentals of gorgeous movie inspired outfits. Now you can rock designer wear just like the leading ladies of Bollywood.

Quinoa And Chickpea Salad With A Desi Twist

We love salad leaves. We love Quinoa. We also like giving everything a desi twist. Try this recipe for lunch and do tell us how you liked it.

Best Sleeping Positions For Back Pain, Neck Pain, PMS And Common Cold

Having trouble getting sleep? Take some tips on how you can fix your positions to get a good night’s rest.

How To Make Egg McMuffin

Dreaming about the perfect Sunday breakfast? All About Eve has got you covered. Learn how to make the traditional Egg McMuffin without having to go through the trouble of buying an English muffin.

How To Freeze Different Things

Go beyond ice. All About Eve tells you how to freeze some unconventional items to make your life easier and a tad bit more stylish.

How To Rest Your Tired Eyes After A Long Day

Does sitting in front of a screen for long hours hurt your eyes? Try these simple eye exercises to make you feel refreshed in just a couple of minutes!

How To Cold Brew Coffee In 3 Easy Steps

Love drinking coffee but dread hot coffee in the summer heat? Here’s how to beat the heat with your favourite drink when brewed cold in 3 easy steps!

How To Pocket Fold A Napkin For Dinner

Hosting a dinner at home and want to appear a little fancy? Learn how to pocket fold a napkin and impress your guests!

How To Clean Dirty Utensils

Cleaning those dirty utensils can be a hassle. Learn how to scrub off all the dirt in half the time with this simple DIY cleaning hack.

How To Clean Your Silver Jewellery

Does your silver jewellery look dull and boring? Learn how to make your silver jewellery shine and appear brand new with this simple DIY cleaning hack.

Busy Man’s Margarita

The only thing better than a margarita is two margaritas. Take life with a pinch of salt, a wedge of lime, some ripe mangoes, a shot of tequila and learn how to prepare a mango chilli margarita!

What Would You Like This Mother’s Day?

We asked a few working mothers what they would like the most this mother’s day. Their answers did not surprise us.
Mothers are always there to take care of their children. Today is their day. Let’s give them all the happiness that they deserve!