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12 Short Novels For Your Long Flight

Here's a list of 12 fascinating short novels spanning over multiple genres that you can finis..

Jeans Through The Decades In One Brilliant Video

Jeans had humble beginnings as tough work clothes for miners, but their evolution and popularis..

Don’t Want To Party Anymore? You Might Have Social Menopause

Your social media is full of people going out to party at any and every chance they get. And yo..

Winning Hearts Across The Globe, The Humble Chai

If you are looking for the 'perfect' chai recipe, then we are sorry to disappoint you because s..

8 Noteworthy Poems That Will Tug At Your Heart Strings

Emotions are complex and words can rarely do justice to describe them. But there are some who c..

6 Things Women Around The World Still Need Freedom From

On this International Women's Day, we women still crave for some equal rights. We constantly ba..

Quotes By Female Characters To Pull You Up Even In The Darkest Of Times

Feeling low? Let these TV ladies show you how to be bold, self-assured and so damn eloquent. Th..

7 Songs That Turn 17 in 2017

2000 was a good year for both Bollywood and Hindi Pop music. Some of these top Bollywood songs ..

Get In The Mood With These Aphrodisiac Foods

Aphrodisiac Food- Food that stimulates sexual desire and enhances your libido. It soun..

SRK’s Hilarious Podcast With AIB Proves Why We Love Him So Much

Not that we need any more proof, but Shah Rukh Khan showed us once again why he is not only the..

Valentine’s Day Cards For Couples Who Have Been Together For Way Too Long

It’s almost February and the ‘Valentine’s hoopla’ is almost upon us. For those of you w..

Everyday Words You Did Not Know Are French

French is a language that turns dirt into romance.It's an increasingly globalized world, ..

Revealed: The Amount Of Sugar In A Jar Of Nutella Will Shock You

A new image claims to show exactly what goes into your jar of Nutella - and it may shock you. ..

This Map Will Show You The Various Fabrics In India

We have a rich variety of handlooms and weaves in our country. Each state has its own indigenou..

The Essential Detox Guide After A Party Weekend

We just finished a hectic Christmas party and now the New Year parties are just around the cor..