About Us

We curate products, ideas and recommendations to make life easier for women who are too busy conquering the world.

What To Expect Here

Women crave style and substance, thought-provoking conversations, and an inspiration to live a more creative life. But when it comes to finding a woman’s voice in the labyrinth of the online world, it is ‘confusing’ to say the least.

All About Eve brings together businesses, brands, artists in an inspiring environment for women. On our website you can find content and curated vendor recommendations ranging from style trends and beauty DIYs to fitness advice, tips on how to be a badass at the workplace, and much more— all through a lens of optimism and inclusivity, something that we swear by.

It is perfect for up-to- the minute searches across products and categories.

We develop and deliver immersive content which engages, entertains and catalyzes action. All About Eve’s ingenuity lies in delivery of a narrative in the digital spaces which is not only moving but inspires to act.

How It All Started

In 2016, two friends Bani G. Anand and Vasundhara Garg set out on a mission to help women discover inspiring information online and pay attention to the things that matter. They founded All About Eve to give Indian women a steady dose of inspiration through handpicked stories, curated recommendations and user generated content.