We curate products, ideas and recommendations to make life easier for women who are too busy conquering the world.

Who We Are

In the simplest words, we’re here to make your life smooth as butter. Style, substance, thought-provoking conversations, and constant inspiration to live a more creative, fulfilling life – that’s what we’re all about. The online world is a labyrinth! And to find a friendly voice to help you out with every problem, from the smallest to the largest, can be a time-consuming, almost futile task. All About Eve is a singular yet multi-faceted platform where you can find recommendations and hacks for an easier life and the people you need to make that happen.

Eat. Drink. Shop. Play

All About Eve brings together businesses, brands, and artists, in an inspiring environment for women. On our website, you can find a large variety of lifestyle content, ranging from fashion, wellness, and career advice to what’s new in the city, beauty hacks and a lot more. You will also find carefully curated vendor recommendations in almost every sphere you need. All of this comes to you through a lens of optimism and inclusivity, something that we swear by.

How It All Started

In 2016, real estate entrepreneur Bani G. Anand and marketing specialist Vasundhara Garg set out on a mission to curate information that is both relevant and inspirational for the women of today. They founded All About Eve to give Indian women a steady dose of creativity through handpicked stories, curated recommendations, and user-generated content.