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How To Cure Chapped Lips

Don’t let flaky, cracked lips get you down. Here is a simple DIY trick to cure chapped lips in no time!

How To Reduce Dark Circles And Puffy Eyes

Tired of dark and puffy circles under your eyes? Don’t get upset, get beautiful. Try this DIY remedy and notice the results in a few days. Panda eyes no more!

Eggs à la All About Eve

Our fitness inspiration for the day is Popeye and his undying love for spinach. Start your day with this wonderful combination of spinach and eggs. Fitness is all about eating right, training hard and living healthy!

Keeping up with Bhumika Grover

“Nothing happens overnight and everything requires hard work in order to achieve.” Here’s a lot more of that wisdom and exciting life mottos from designer Bhumika Grover.

Decorate Your Candles

Make your candles appear fancier with just a little glitter. There is no such thing as shining and sparkling too much!

Reuse Plastic Bottles

Tired of old plastic bottles cluttering your home? Turn them into fancy cases to keep your valuables safe with this simple DIY project.

DIY Glitter Bottles

Add a little sparkle to your desk with these DIY glitter bottles. If you don’t own anything sparkly, you’re doing it all wrong!

DIY Cushion Cover

Don’t let your old T-shirts go to waste. Design cushion covers all by yourself with this DIY project and add quirk to your decor!

DIY Candle Stand

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” -Albus Dumbledore
Illuminate your favourite nook with this DIY candle stand. Fancy and useful at the same time!

De-wrinkle Your Clothes Without An Iron

Late for a meeting and can’t find an iron anywhere? These brilliant hacks will let you de-wrinkle clothes without an iron.

Jeans Through The Decades

The evolution of jeans over the decades has made it a part of the fashion world’s legacy. Come, experience this changing trend from the 1950s till today in one brilliant video.

DIY Curd Dip

Relish your food a little more with this easy to make curd dip. The ingredients include hung curd, flavoured mayo, capsicum, crushed garlic, cucumber, salt, and pepper. A yummy side makes everything better!