November 22, 2016

Who doesn’t love a relaxing day at the salon? We sure look forward to our mani-pedis and hair spas. But there is a tiny nagging feeling lurking in our mind when enjoying the luxurious session – to tip or not to tip at the end of service, and how much. Remember, those who pamper you, deserve your appreciation too. Just follow this quick and easy guide to tipping at the salon that will give you a perfect  solution for every possible scenario.

1. What is the Right Amount?

Wondering what’s the right amount to tip? According to a poll 10% of the total bill amount is ideal. However, depending on the service and the efficiency of the stylist, you can tip more. In India, a good tip is within 10 to 20% of the service cost. Mumbai salons frequented by celebs often see tips up to Rs 500.

tipping at the salon

2. Whom should You Tip?

Another awkward scenario is whom should you tip when more than one person has been involved in your pampering session. We say, go ahead and make everyone happy. If a festival is around the corner include the boy who cleans the floor after a haircut as well. They are often not well-paid and will appreciate your small token.

If tipping them upfront seem to make you uncomfortable, just leave it at the reception counter when paying for your service.

3. Tips for Tipping

Hair Services: 

  • If you are a regular at the salon, it is okay to tip occasionally.
  • Look out for extra services like a head and neck massage after a shampoo or hair spa and tip accordingly.
  • Don’t hesitate to tip more if your stylist went beyond his means to make you look gorgeous.
  • If you got a complimentary service, or an online discount coupon, do tip.
  • If you are not happy with your service, don’t feel obligated to tip. In fact, give them a feedback and you might get a complimentary redo.

Skin and Nail Care:

  • If there is any particular person whose service you like, tip them well and book with them next time.
  • If you are not ready to shell out for all the technicians involved, just a leave a tip at the reception and ask them to divide it among them.

Whatever the scenario, remember yet again, do not feel obligated to tip. It is supposed to happen only when you are happy with the service. On a lighter note – who would want to mess with their hair dresser? Spread the love and make people happy. Tipping is just one way.