September 21, 2016

As a young couple, throwing a house party successfully is like a rite of passage – if you can pull it off without wanting to rip each other’s head off,  your partner is a keeper. However, to pull one off without any hitches is a huge responsibility. There are a number of things that can go wrong. It helps to get organised and here’s how you can.

A few things you should keep in your mind when planning a party.

1. The Party You Are Having

The first thing you need to zero down on is the kind of party you want to have. Is it a BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze for the uninitiated) house party or a pot luck brunch or just a quiet dine-in at your place? A lot of it depends on the space you have at hand, and how well can it be utilized. You can go ahead with all other arrangements once you and your partner arrive at a consensus.

house party

2. The Guest List

Make sure to be selective about your guest list. It’s better to invite people who you not only you like, but those who will get along with your partner and others around as well. Say, if you invite someone from your work at a private family get together, there is a fair chance that both your family and your work place friend might end up feeling awkward. When throwing a large house party, be sure to invite your neighbours. Not only is it a polite and courteous gesture, but it ensures that harmony is maintained post-party (in case things get wild, you never know).

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3. Food And Drinks

Here’s a thumb rule to work with – more the people, less elaborate the food. A very important thing, as a host, is to select a menu which is easy to prepare and is a sure winner with people. If you are preparing the food fresh, make sure you have all the ingredients you need at least a day before. If you’re a more of a last minute person- try InnerChef.

InnerChef is your mantra for preparing home cooked meals without breaking a sweat. This online service has a roster of delicious recipes that you can choose from. Simply add your location and choose the recipe you would like to make. InnerChef will shop for those ingredients, prep for the meal and box them up for courier at your doorstep in no time. The ingredients include some gourmet ingredients that are not otherwise readily available in the market (think exotic cheese, crisp lettuce, specialty meats etc).

4. Help Your Shy Friends Out

As mentioned earlier, parties become painstakingly awkward if you are in the company of people who don’t know each other, especially if they are shy. Ease the tension in the room by introducing like-minded people to each other and initiating conversations. Also, if the hubby and you like playing matchmakers, and have single friends who you would like to set up, what better way than your own party?