December 14, 2016

If there is a dessert that goes with any occasion – it has to be brownies. Whether crunchy, nutty, gooey or cheesy, there is one that suits each of your moods. These chocolaty pieces of heaven are simply irresistible. So if you have to give in to your cravings, then make it worth it. Read on to see where you can find the best brownies in Delhi to get your delicious fix.

1. Ice Cream Sizzler

No one sizzles a brownie like Gola Sizzlers. This one is a feast for all senses. Expect a hissing sound as you take a scoop and see the vanilla ice cream melting on the tray. The hot and cold temperatures in this dessert will surely tickle your taste buds.

Where: Gola Sizzlers, Dwarka Sector 5 and Connaught Place K-Block

best brownies in Delhi

Courtesy: Gola Sizzlers

2. Belgian Chocolate Brownies

Bite on this fudgy goodness after a tiring day at work to drive away your blues. This take on a classic Belgian brownie has gooey chocolate spilling out of it. The crunchy walnuts add just the right bit of surprise in it.

Where: Order online on Innerchef

best brownies in Delhi

Courtesy: Innerchef

3. Coffee Brownie Cookies

This is a brilliant option for those who love to have it all. Chocolate, coffee, nuts, brownies and cookies – who can resist this all-in-one combination? Bonus: these chewy and crunchy pieces  can be packed and stored and can be the perfect midnight snacks.

Where: Defence Bakery, GK2 and Defence Colony

best brownies in Delhi

Courtesy: Defence Bakery

4. Cheesecake Brownie

Cheese in a brownie? Yes, please. This no-bake cheesecake brownie is moist and creamy that will melt in your mouth.

Where: Ambrosia by Ritu Gupta, New Friends Colony

best brownies in DelhiCourtesy: Ambrosia

5. Oreo Nutella Fudgy Chocolate Brownie

As they say the devil is in the details. This mouth-watering mix of crunchy oreos, soft nutella, decadent chocolate topped with nuts will have your taste buds in a tizzy as your mind tries to process all the flavours.

Where: Order online on Innerchef

best brownies in DelhiCourtesy: Innerchef