December 8, 2016

You maybe a kickass driver who loves to go on long rides. But little did you know that with great freedom comes great responsibility – repairing your car when it breaks down. Yes, this is the real test of your love for the 4-wheels. This is also the time to show the world that you are an independent girl, who doesn’t need a pick-me-up every time there is a  problem. So get ready to learn some crucial life skill, ladies. Let’s start with – fixing flat tyres.

fixing flat tyres

Your car has spare underneath the pad of your trunk, along with a jack, a jack handle and a wheel spanner which may be hidden in a side panel of your trunk. Locate these, take them out, and get ready. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1:

Park on a flat, hard surface. Avoid slopes and soft ground. Secure the tyres by placing rocks or a heavy objects in front of them.

fixing flat tyres

Step 2:

Apply handbrake and put the car in the first or reverse gear so that it does not slip. If case of an automatic, put it in park.

fixing flat tyres

Step 3:

Bring out the tools (spare wheel, jack, jack handle, wheel spanner) from under the luggage compartment in the boot of your car. Remove the wheel cap from the tyre safely and loosen the wheel nuts rotating the wheel spanner counter clockwise.

fixing flat tyres

Step 4:

Place the jack below the car. Most cars have a mark where the jack needs to be placed, behind the front tyre and in front of the rear tyre or you can look for it in the owner’s manual. Make sure that the jack is perpendicular to the ground.

fixing flat tyres

Step 5:

Raise the jack till a certain level where you can easily remove the flat tyre and replace it with a spare one by turning the knob at the end of the jack using the metal hand crank.

fixing flat tyres

Step 6:

Remove the already loosened nuts by unscrewing them with your hand. Remove the flat tyre and place it below the car as a preventive measure in case the jack slips. Place the spare tyre in alignment with the wheel bolts. Now put back the nuts on the bolts again diagonally with your hand. Do not tighten them till the jack has been lowered again.

fixing flat tyres

Step 7:

Lower the jack and tighten the nuts turning the wheels spanner in clockwise direction. Remove the jack once the car is completely lowered and place the wheel cap back on the tyre. Place all your tools back in the boot along with the flat tyre and get the tyre repaired later. Now you are all set to hit the road.