December 13, 2017

An energizing yoga session can be as stimulating as a shot of caffeine to set you up for a productive day. Start your day wide awake and full of life with this 10-minute session by yoga instructor, Kristin Condon.

1. Crescent Low Lunge

What It Does: Known as the Anjaneya asana, this is a  great way to stretch your hip muscles and ease the tension built up from sitting long hours at the desk. It also opens up your chest cavity and allows you to breathe deeply. You will feel an instant boost of energy and will have a greater sense of balance in the long run with this asana.

How to Do It Right: Stand with your legs stretched. While firmly resting your weight on the right foot and bending the right knee, bring your left knee down to the ground. Keep your torso straight, raise your arms and tilt your head back as you bring your left knee forward. Hold the pose for 3 seconds and repeat with the other leg.

Beginner’s Tip: If you find it hard to balance, don’t bring your knee all the way down to the ground.

yoga poses to wake you up

2. Low Lunge Twist

What It Does: This is called the Parivrtta Sanchalasana. Like all twisting aasans, this stimulates detoxification, improves blood circulation and rejuvenates the spine. It also generates heat in the body and warms you up for the day.

How to Do It Right: Stretch your legs wide. Lunge your left leg, bringing the knee to a 90-degree angle. Now bring your right hand down to touch the ground while tip-toeing on your right leg and raise the left arm straight in the air. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat on the other leg.

Beginner’s Tip: While coming back to the original pose, bring your feet closer with your knees bent. Get up sideways with support from your hands to avoid straining your knees.

yoga poses to wake you up

3. Three-legged Dog

What It Does: The Eka Pada Adho Mukha aasan or the three-legged dog pose forces you to focus on your breaths as you try to balance your body. This also gets more blood flowing to your brain.

How to Do It Right: Get on all fours and let your neck hang down freely while keeping your gaze down. Now lift one leg as far you can. Keep the foot and toes straight. Hold for 3 seconds and repeat with the other leg.

Beginner’s Tip: Keep the tension equal in your arms to avoid wrist pain. Try to keep the lifted leg as close to the other leg as possible to keep the hip muscles engaged.

yoga poses to wake you up

Content and photos courtesy: Daily Burn