July 1, 2016

It’s a great and exciting time for Indian fashion on an international stage. Vibrant colors, artistic embroidery, shimmering fabrics are making a splash world over. One of the most unique fashion elements that is increasingly becoming super trendy is the Great Indian Jutti. Modern juttis are stylish unique pieces that are being infused into arts from all across the world to present a delightful combination.


Our trusty juttis need no introduction. The dainty handcrafted footwear is an accessory of pride. From the bygone era of the maharajas till the present age of high fashion brands, juttis have always been the rage. A hot favorite among women – it is one of the most preferred slips ons for any occasion. Flaunting a spirit of royalty, juttis today have come a long way.

With brands and designers taking a lot of interest in the simple flats and suffusing them with quirky ideas, the plain shoewear has undergone a splendid transformation. All About Eve drools over The Cobbler juttis – all of our pretty shoe dreams are finally coming true! This Delhi based brand is all about bright colors and fun ideas.


The juttis from the brand will make you feel like royalty, what with touches of vibrant colors, gold, pearls and silver. The intricate designs and embroidery are a real treat and make for eloquent hand woven pieces of art.

These are designed specifically to be in sync with current fashions. Some of the juttis come with gorgeous floral designs that add just the right amount of glamour to everyday fashion. They come with a modern spin, so that they complement not just your ethnic attire, but also dresses and jeans. Super trendy!


Apart from great looks, the juttis are super comfortable too, and come with some extra cushion inside to ensure that they never bite.

The Cobbler is pulling all stops to re-acquaint us with this age-old footwear and they are sure doing it in style.