August 2, 2016

When Dolly Parton sings Jolene at a concert or music festival, it gets the crowd going. People are ready to cuss at the red-haired vixen called Jolene, the protagonist of the song. But if you listen to the lyrics carefully and understand the meaning behind the words, the song takes on a whole new perspective.

So, who the heck is Jolene?

Parton’s Jolene is a redhead, a bank teller, who had a crush on her new husband, Carl Dean. Dolly revealed that the teller used to pay so much attention to her husband that he used to love going to the bank. And, this laid the foundation for Jolene that Dolly’s song is all about. Parton claims that though the song sounds like Jolene is a mean vixen, she believes that her song is an innocent one, where a vulnerable woman is pleading for the gorgeous woman for the one thing in life that is the most important to her – her man.


Dolly Parton inspired another interpretation to the song in us; Jolene is the star of everyone’s hearts. To All About Eve, Parton’s song isn’t about a woman begging for her man back – its about an utterly fabulous woman, the girl of every man’s dreams and the vixen of every girl’s envy. We used this idea to produce a theme for the month of August by compiling the absolute best for our beautiful ladies out there!

All About Eve has decided to bring the month in with a punch; the punch – oops, we mean the month – of Jolene. Everything that women want to be, become and have, All About Eve brings to you with the month of Jolene – the most desirable, the most flawless and the most awe-inspiring. We have compiled an array of the most special and most Jolene-esque items, from clothes to jewellery to even the best medical facilities for all of you.

The most important thing to remember is, there’s a Jolene in all of us. The best possible version of you. And nobody can compete with her.