August 3, 2017

Is your belly coming in the way of your summer fashion? Is tucking in your shirts or pulling off a crop top look becoming difficult? You need to eat right when you have a bloated tummy to fight. Some of your regular meals and snacks prove to be the worst when it comes to bloating. For example, legumes, dairy, green vegetables etc. We’ve prepared a list of foods on what to eat to prevent bloating.

To Begin Your Day:

Banana, papaya and kiwi. They feed the good bacteria in your tummy with their high content of dietary fibre to reduce bloating. You can also include eggs and oatmeal to keep hunger pangs at bay.

what to eat to prevent bloating

If you’re too sleepy in the morning for the efforts then just pop open a bottle.

what to eat to prevent bloating

For Your Meals:

Include carrots, eggplant, tomatoes and onions in your meals as they get rid of the belly bloating causing sodium and flush out all the excess water to make you feel lean and slim. If you can get hold of exotic veggies like artichokes and asparagus, they’ll help you too.

what to eat to prevent bloating

If you love ordering your meals, try to pick some healthy alternatives.

what to eat to prevent bloating

Your Munchies:

Snacking can be a little tricky so make sure you don’t over indulge yourself. A small serving of almonds and blueberries are a great way to snack as they are rich in protein and antioxidants. A small stick of chocolate with high cocoa content and polyphenols is exactly what to eat to prevent bloating while satisfying your cravings.

what to eat to prevent bloating

If you get bored with your healthy munchies try some flavoured and textured ones.

what to eat to prevent bloating

Drink It Up:

Lemon water is a magical mixture that will help you with all kinds of digestive problems. Start your day with a glass of it and sip a cup of green tea throughout the day. Its anti-inflammatory properties are great for belly bloating.

what to eat to prevent bloating

Watching what you drink can get a little tiring. Stock up your healthy sips, so it’s the only drink you’ll reach your hand to!

what to eat to prevent bloating

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