September 19, 2017

Don’t let another weight loss diet resolution go down the drain. If it’s tough to stay on track, then shift the gears. Follow these realistic diet resolutions that won’t make you lose your mind. Let’s burn that fat together, shall we ladies?

1. Wake Up to a Cold Pressed Juice Instead of Tea

Here’s a healthier alternative to tea that you wouldn’t mind switching to. There are many worthy reasons for making this switch, but the best one perhaps is that you can grab it straight from the kitchen when you wake up in the morning. No more slogging over the stove in the winter to prepare tea. Stock up these delicious juices from To Be Healthy in your pantry and you’ll have no reason to give up on this diet resolution.

weight loss diet

2. Taper Your Diet Through The Day

One huge reason for not being able to stick to our resolutions is that we don’t know how to break out of the weight-loss plateau. Your weight just doesn’t seem to come down, no matter what you do. It’s time to shake up your meal routine. Consume most of your calories in the breakfast so your body has more time to break them down. By the end of the day, taper your diet to just soups and salads.

weight loss diet

3. Make a Healthy Swap

No points for guessing how many calories are there in french fries. So why not swap it with a veggie supreme salad at lunch time? This side dish is not only healthy but so good looking that its photos might win you some points on Instagram. Win-win, we say.

weight loss diet

4. Substitute your Cravings

Craving a soda? Try to quench your thirst with water first. Keep a water bottle by your office desk at all times. For serious cravings, slowly try to replace the soda with a citrus punch juice. Remember, soda drains the calcium out of your bones so start cutting back on it starting today.

weight loss diet

5. Don’t let the Calories Sneak in

Give your favourite munchies a healthy upgrade. Instead of snack bars and biscuits, prepare a trail mix with dried berries and nuts from Wonderland and keep a jarful handy at your work station.Here are some recipes for trail mixes to satiate your cravings.

weight loss diet

6. Eat a Rainbow

Make sure you get a good daily serving of fruits and veggies and from each colour of the rainbow. Go check your fridge and see whether you have these colours – red, blue/purple, orange/yellow, green, and brown/white. No? It’s time to go grocery shopping. If it’s too tedious to keep a track, then just throw them in a blender and create different smoothies every day. See our recipe for banana and spinach smoothie.

weight loss diet

Loved it? See more easy to follow fitness resolutions you can keep in the new year. Share your photos with @allabouteve_in on Instagram and let us know how well it worked for you.