April 24, 2017

Wedding preparations are not just about trousseau shopping and spa appointments. And if you’ve been rigorously searching for ways to shed those last few pounds, get a beautiful complexion, jump start a clean diet and cleanse your body, then you’ve landed on the perfect page.

Our bodies use signals to tell us about health issues through breakouts, weight gain and joint aches. To be healthy, one must understand these signals and take steps to prevent them from becoming a caustic lifestyle.

How good is a juice cleanse for the body? While some might argue that it’s a desperate attempt to lose those last few pounds in an instant or that it’s unhealthy to shock your body in such a drastic manner. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, studies suggest that cleansing your body with cold pressed juices for seven days to a month can actually be quite gratifying in terms of releasing toxins.

Juice Your Way to a Fitter Body

juice cleanse

If you are apprehensive of using a cleansing program and have never been down this path, then remember to start with a basic three day juice cleanse. To Be Healthy or TBH specializes in creating cold pressed juices that aim at helping you find your way to a fitter and leaner body.

One Day Cleanse

juice cleanse

This one day juice cleanse is perfect for people who want to give their bodies a tiny break from all the grease-filled fast food or simply when they have been stress eating. TBH offers six different juices per day for a one day cleanse – Apple Ginger Ale, Vedic Twist, Citrus Punch, Anarchy, Beet box and Mr. Green.

Three Day Cleanse

If the One Day detox doesn’t satisfy you, give your body a proper detox with six different types of juices per day for three whole days. This means that you will get eighteen bottles of health juices specially formulated for deep cleansing, which will be delivered in two intervals to keep the produce fresh for you.

As a recently engaged bride-to-be, a clear complexion and fitter body is only a step away with this cold pressed juice cleanse routine. So what are waiting for? Let the juices flow.

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