November 28, 2016

Worried about how to reduce stubborn fat that seems to accumulate in all the wrong areas? At the first sign of excess fat bulging outwards, rushing into any fitness regime without understanding the way your body works will not be of much help. Not only will you end up wasting money and time but also create a negative body image. Here is an eye opener – your body cannot reduce fat only from SPECIFIC locations, like the belly or the arms. If you insist on continuing with target specific exercises, the chances of achieving your goal will only get slimmer.

Every individual’s body is programmed in a different way when it comes to storing fat. It accumulates it in a certain order, for example, belly first, then arms, butt and thighs, and loses fat in that particular order, according to your genetic makeup. The trick here is not to target these specific areas, rather work on reducing your overall body fat percentage.

It is also important to understand why the body accumulates excess fat in certain areas only. Main problem areas-

1. Belly Fat

Cause – Cortisol, the stress hormone

Solution – Reduce stress as it leads to an increased production of cortisol hormone which contributes towards belly fat. Also take up short training session because long duration of intensive workout can accelerate cortisol production in the body.

2. Lower Body

Cause – Estrogen hormone

Solution – Women find it harder to reduce lower body fat than men due to the presence of estrogen in their bodies. To balance out the negative effects of estrogen, take up strength training as it increases testosterone levels.

3. Love Handles

Cause – Insulin sensitivity

Solution – Thee body becomes insulin resistant when instead of utilizing carbohydrates as energy, it starts storing them as fat. Combine weight training with high intensity interval training to focus on your lower back and love handles and at the same time improve insulin sensitivity.

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