November 26, 2016

When you are in pain, trust a good old glass of haldi wala doodh to make you feel better instantly. It’s also known as turmeric latte or golden milk and is all the rage these days in the west – an age old recipe handed over to us by our grandmothers. Surely, they knew a thing or two, when it came to healing cuts, wounds, fever or colds right in the comfort of our home – thankfully sparing us a trip to the doctor. And they were right all along. The spices in your kitchen rack are all you need to keep fit as a fiddle. So before you pop a pill, try these immunity boosting spices instead:

1. Turmeric

The secret booster:  Curcumin, an antioxidant in turmeric, is known to have anti-inflammatory elements. Make a paste with it to apply on bruises and wounds and drink turmeric infused milk to alleviate body aches. Curcumin has also been proved to prevent cancer.

We use turmeric in making curries every single day. But it helps to have it raw, as that keeps the nutritious elements intact in the spice. Also, try using black pepper along with turmeric as it increases the absorption of curcumin by the body.

immunity boosting spices

2. Cinnamon

The secret booster: This super spice reduces diabetes, blood sugar, increases metabolism, and even helps in losing weight. It also reduces triglycerides and harmful cholesterol.

Apart from using it every day curries, add some to smoothies or baked goodies. It works as a natural sweetener and reduces sugar intake as well.

immunity boosting spices

3. Ginger

The secret booster:  For ages, people have reached for ginger, when they felt nauseated. It is especially recommended for pregnant women. Ginger is also known to possess anti-inflammatory properties. A 2010 study showed that regular consumption of ginger eliminates muscle pain due to exercise. It also helps is healing sore throats and coughs.

Most Indian curries have ginger paste in it. Other ways to have it are, with tea or just saute it with raw vegetables and fish or chicken for a stir fry.

immunity boosting spices

4. Black Pepper

The secret booster:  Black pepper contains a pungent compound called piperine that increases beta-endorphins, which in turn enhance our cognitive functions. Beta-endorphins are also responsible for better moods and relaxed feeling. It is often used to treat mood disorders and has been effective in patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. It also has anti-cancer elements and helps in weight loss.

Use it in curries, salads, meat or fish – it tastes good with any dish. If you want to have it raw, try having one whole black pepper on an empty stomach in the morning.

immunity boosting spices

5. Cumin

The secret booster: Cumin is a versatile spice. It helps in digestion by stimulating the gall bladder and pancreas to secrete enzymes. Its anti-inflammatory properties relieve discomfort in asthma and bronchitis patients. The spice also regulates blood sugar and diabetes.

Enhance the taste of your curries and stir fries by adding cumin powder to it. Also, add whole cumin seeds to heated oil for a lovely fragrant dish.

immunity boosting spices