July 21, 2017

There’s a reason why ‘Monday morning blues’ are a thing. As soon as you are back in the office from a relaxing weekend, you see a ton of emails in your inbox, new projects assigned, deadlines preponed, manager asking you for updates and even the internet running slow. Even though work stress is a given, some days can get more difficult than the others. So you can either be a bundle of nerves from 9 to 5 or you can take a step back and acknowledge that you are getting overwhelmed and need a break. Follow these tips on how to destress at work for immediate results.

1. Keep a fidget spinner

This little gadget is all the rage these days. It comes handy when you need a distraction from the upcoming presentation. Buy them here.

how to destress at work

2. Look at a cat video

Lots of studies have proven that watching photos and videos of cute cats doing silly stuff is not a waste of time. In fact, it can increase feelings of happiness. So if you need to blow some steam at work, close your spreadsheet and look at this funny cats compilation video.

how to destress at work

3. Chomp on a snack

Food has an amazing way of improving your mood and relaxing your mind. Carry a bar of chocolate or some healthy snacks in your purse for emergency stress relief. Turn off your monitor and take your time to savour the chocolate.

how to destress at work

4. Plan your next vacation

Nothing beats stress than looking forward to a vacation. Check out Skyscanner for a good deal. You can also take a cue from these budget beach destinations around India that will be easy on the pocket.

how to destress at work

5. Strike an Uttanasana pose

Yoga can relax your tense muscles instantly. Stand with your back and legs to a wall. Inhale and raise your arms. Now slowly exhale and bring down your torso and arms to touch your toes. Keep your knees straight and hang your head down freely. This is called an Uttanasana or forward bending pose. It will increase blood flow to the brain and stretches your entire body.

how to destress at work

6. Blast some music

Listen to some fun music that will make you want to dance. Don’t forget to wear headphones though!

7. Say No

Ever had one of those days, when you have so much work piled up that you don’t even know where to begin? Then the boss comes and tells you he needs one important thing done right away. Now, you can either sulk and do a shitty job. Or you can just say no. When you are stressed you are not able to concentrate so why take on an additional job that you know you will not be able to give your best to?

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