January 29, 2017

In a Utopian world, animals would be free to roam about, raise their young ones, enjoy their native environments and follow their natural instincts. However, dogs and cats have a difficult time surviving when they live in our concrete jungles. It is our responsibility to take care of them. People with resources can make a lifetime commitment to an animal by adopting from an animal shelter or rescuing one in need. It is also important to stop breeding purebred animals because it contributes to the animal overpopulation.

Home to dogs, cattle and birds and many more creatures, these shelters are doing their part in serving the distressed. They rescue and rehabilitate the orphaned, abandoned, old, injured, abused and physically disabled alike. They not only house animals and care for them selflessly, they take them to their hearts.

1. Friendicoes

Friendicoes SECA was registered as a society in April 1979. After 4 decades of unparalleled devotion to strays and injured animals in Delhi NCR, today it serves the dual purpose of a shelter and a hospital. Being the first shelter in the city, it sees the maximum influx of animals than any other shelter. Apart from abandoned and lost pets, sick strays, the occasional bird and monkey in distress also make their way to Friendicoes.

Today, it boasts of an Out Patient’s Department, an in-house clinic for the strays that accommodates about 150-200 animals, two operation theaters, a Lab and X-ray unit. They have a sanctuary in Gurgaon that houses about a thousand animals. There is also round the clock ambulance service for the strays as well as an emergency night clinic for pets. It also functions as the adoption center for all Friendicoes animals. It is difficult keep a count of the successful rescues and adoptions they have under their belt. The number easily runs into thousands. The change they seek is acceptance towards Desi dogs and responsible ownership of pets, which includes training yourself and your dog to conduct properly in public.

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2. Everything Meow

Everything MEOW is the brainchild of Delhi based Ankita Yadav. She started an online space for everything that is cat related in September 2014. She has been working towards cat welfare since January 2013. This online community has successfully helped more than 600 cats till date. In Ankita’s words, the motivation behind EM is the need for collective responsibility that is greatly required in the pet community and reducing the stigma that is associated with cats. She also educates people on cat care, and provides guidance to pet parents and to people who wish to translate their love for animals into meaningful action. Many people found their first cats through this Facebook page. Now they’ve become volunteers and are rescuing and rehabilitating stray cats from the streets. This page facilitates people to stay in touch and share adorable pictures that have been a huge driving force in convincing others to do the same.
Follow them on Twitter- @indiameows

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3. Umeed: The Rehabilitation Center

Based in Gurgaon, Umeed believes that instead of spending money on buying a pure-bred dog, adopting one that will forever wag his tail for rescuing him will make your efforts worthwhile. Adopted dogs may need more care but they make for permanent, loving best friends. Operational since April 2015, they have conducted an average of 120+ rescue operations per year and around 40-50 adoptions, both national and international. They constantly update their Facebook page with details of doggies that are up for adoption. They also urge people to provide material help for the ones that are already in the shelter. There are some cats up for adoption too, if you’re more feline-friendly.

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4. Voice of Voiceless

Championing the cause of animals in distress, Ajaydeep and Samita Singh look after the abandoned pets and street animals, giving a ‘voice to the voiceless’. They have been helping the community for over 5 years as a registered NGO. The enthusiastic couple brings home those animals that are injured and cures them with the help of experienced veterinarians. They have successfully carried out hundreds of rescues, cruelty calls and FIRs and over 250 adoptions. Their aim is to bring a change in backyard and unethical breeding practices and encourage adoptions of shelter pets.

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5. People for paws

The mission this student-run community has embarked onto is: “There should be no animal without a shelter and no house without a pet”. They have been helping the animals in distress for over three years now. All the team members are young animal lover enthusiasts, in the age group of 18 to 25. They have been concentrating their efforts towards promoting adoptions of desi strays who are not preferred over their pure-bred counterparts.


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