October 29, 2016

When you aren’t speaking, your body language does all the talking for you. From giving away the very thought that preoccupies you to tell whether you’re in the midst of a fib- your body language really says it all. Want to find out how you let your body do all the talking? Read on.

body language

1. Biting your lips

If you constantly bite, lick or suck your lips when faced with a situation of pressure, or an awkward one, then this is your body’s attempt to soothe yourself. Comforting oneself intense moments is often linked to lip movements, especially the kind that entails biting your lips. If, ever you do see someone doing this, now you know why.

2. Scratching your nose

What does this say about you? That you just might be lying your pants off. When a person lies, an adrenaline rush follows. This causes the expansion of capillaries, resulting in a gush of blood flow to parts of your face. When this happens, an itch builds up in your nose. Another telltale sign of a fib is a sustained glance. In an attempt to masquerade the lie the liar often focuses a bit too much on the person being spoken to.

body language

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3. Nodding Your Head

Nodding in clusters of three are said to be linked with an interest in the conversation at hand. It makes the speaker feel like you are engaged in the conversation and are very likely to contribute to it. If, by chance you are not intrigued by the conversation, refrain from nodding too much, lest you find yourself in a sticky situation. Escape the chatty kinds with a single nod maybe.

body language

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4. Touching Your Face

Face touching is essentially a signal of anxiety, the resultant of heightened brain activity. If you are engaged in a conversation that results in your counterpart touching their face, then you know why. Trying to make the person feel comfortable will help a great deal.

5. Standing Stance

When you stand up to speak you often are unaware that you are swaying. When this happens, you might lose the attention of your audience, causing them to be sidetracked from what you are saying. Men tend to rock, whereas women resort to resting on their hips. Now, being lopsided makes you look slightly vulnerable. Standing up erect gives you more gravitas.

body language

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6. Tilting your head

When you cock your head to the side, what you essentially tell the other person is that you are interested in their talk. When this action is taken in its literal sense, it means that you are angling your ear, so as to catch every single detail.

Now you know how vulnerable your body language really makes you look. Deciphering the thoughts in your mind was never this simple. Be slightly more cautious when it comes to giving away what you’re thinking of. The right posture and body language can really take you a long way. Want to learn more about body language etiquettes? Get in touch with Bia here.