February 22, 2018

In real life, there is no such thing as a perfect wedding. Like Murphy’s Law, if something can go wrong, it will. So while you meticulously plan every detail, some last minute disasters like broken heels or skin breakouts can threaten to derail your flawless day. Worry not, for we have some solutions for things that can go wrong on your wedding day.

1. Blouse too Tight

Stuffed yourself silly with all the sweets? It’s not uncommon to literally find yourself ‘bloated with happiness’ and the scale tilting towards a few extra kilos during this time. Chances are if you got your saree blouses stitched and ready 3-4 months in advance, you may be caught off guard when it’s time to wear them and you find out that they no longer fit.

The solution: Thankfully, most tailors are intelligent. They leave extra cloth in case future adjustments are needed. If you turn your blouse inside out, you will see extra stitches on both sides. You can easily undo them with the help of scissors and instantly add length to your blouse. In case if it still doesn’t fit, then remove the zipper and sew in a large elastic band. Warning: it will definitely look out of place and you will need to cover it up with a chunni, but at least it will save you temporarily from a last minute wardrobe malfunction.

things that can go wrong on your wedding day

2. Skin Breakout

There’s never a good time to see acne popping on your face. Least of all when you are just days away from your wedding. And, since stress can cause breakouts, planning your big day could potentially turn your face into a pimple minefield.

The solution: For this problem, prevention is better than cure. Stay calm and let others fuss over the details. Instead, keep your focus on drinking lots of coconut water, eating fruits and staying away from sweets and oily food a month before. If you still see a big zit few days before the wedding, don’t try to pop it yourself. Visit a dermatologist for a spot treatment.

things that can go wrong on a wedding day

3. Hangover

There will be binge eating and too much drinking at your cocktail party. Don’t worry, we’ll not stop you from having a good time. Instead, we’ll tell you how to avoid that dreaded hangover and be party ready the next day as well.

The solution: Drink slowly and stay hydrated through the evening. If you still get a headache the next morning, take an over the counter pill. Follow this essential detox guide for more quick fixes.

things that can go wrong on your wedding day

4. Broken Heel

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your favourite pair of sandals getting broken, even more so when they match perfectly with your wedding dress.

The solution: We are sure helpful cousins would be more than willing to lend you their heels. If not, then ask them for a chewing gum. Since it will be difficult to find glue while you are on the stage getting your photos clicked, chewing gum would do just fine for the time being. Chew 2-3 pieces and paste the broken parts with it. It will only hold temporarily so be careful while you are walking.

things that can go wrong on your wedding day

5. Tangled Hair

 Back-combed the hell out of your hair last night? While you got a splendid hairstyle for the photo shoot, what you didn’t expect was a mass of tangled hair the next day. Here’s how you can quickly fix it:

The solution: While it is often advised to oil your hair to remove tough tangles, it can actually be counterproductive and create more knots. Instead, generously apply hair serum or a detangling spray. Work it in your hair with your fingers, gently separating the knots. Now use a wide tooth comb and start at the ends working your way up slowly. Take very small sections while combing.

things that can go wrong on your wedding day

6. Haldi Stain

There’s a reason why brides and grooms-to-be often wear old clothes for the haldi ceremony – so that they can rid of the stained clothes without feeling the pinch. But since you bought an elaborate trousseau for all your functions, why should you look dowdy for the haldi? Here’s how you can look smart and not worry about removing haldi stains from your clothes.

The solution: Dab the stain with liquid detergent and let it stay for 20 minutes. Wash with cold water. If it still doesn’t go away, spray vinegar over it. After it dries, expose it to sunlight for a few hours. This will oxidise the turmeric.

things that can go wrong on your wedding day

7. Painful Earlobes

We know you love those huge jhumkas and chandelier earrings. They can cause quite a bit of pain though if you have to don them throughout the evening.

The solution: Apply numbing cream before wearing heavy earrings for the long night. Also use ear lifts for support.

things that can go wrong on your wedding day

8. Shoe Bite

Those stilletos look good on you, but if you keep shuffling around in them all day, there is a high chance you’ll develop shoe bite by the end of the evening. Tight, narrow and uncomfortable shoes can cause skin inflammation leading to blisters.

The Solution: Shoe bite is caused by friction. Reduce friction by rubbing a concotion of coconut oil and camphor on your affected area as well as the inside of the shoe. For a quick fix, put a band-aid on the skin to prevent it from coming in direct contact with the shoe.

things that can go wrong on your wedding day

9. Allergic Reaction

It can happen anytime. A new cloth material, lacquer bangles, artificial jewellery, tight clothes or using the wrong kind of bleach or wax at the last minute can produce itchy, red rashes that will leave you uncomfortable.

The Solution: Wear a cotton shift under your lehenga to let your skin breathe. If you know that you are prone to an allergic reaction from artificial jewellery or lacquer bangles but need to wear them for different ceremonies then take some precautions. Clean them with alcohol and apply clear nail polish on the parts that will touch your skin. Rub talcum power on your neck and arms before wearing the jewellery to keep the area dry. If you still break out in rashes, apply an ice pack to reduce inflammation.

things that can go wrong on your wedding day