June 5, 2017

Find yourself snacking when you’re not really hungry? Do not reach out for your favourite cookies just yet. Grazing on biscuits can end up being more calories and sugar than a full meal. Tame that hunger by eating these healthy bites and we promise you a definite health shift.

1. Dark Chocolate

One of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet, it is loaded with nutrients that have a very positive effect on health. Awesome tasting super food the benefits are very many. Go for the low-fat variety to get maximum benefits. We recommend Lindt Excellence – 70%, 80%, 90% and Hershey’s Cocoa special dark.

healthy bites

2. Whey Protein Bar

Get your protein boost with an almond fudge bar from To Be Healthy. This sugar-free pack of goodness has healthy fats, low sodium and no gluten. It will give you 20g of protein that will keep you satiated for at least 1-2 hours.

healthy snacks

3. Greek Yoghurt

Low in calories and packed with calcium and live bacterial cultures Greek yoghurt is a superb post meal food. Contains high quality protein and is delicious.  Although more brands are making their way to the shelf in India; we liked the plain and flavoured Greek yoghurt from Light & Fit, Dannon.

4. Peri-Peri Sweet Potato Chips

If you are looking for something spicy, then try a pack of vacuum-fried sweet potato chips. They are low in calories and retain all the nutrients of sweets potatoes.

healthy bites

5. Apples & Peanut butter

Working late nights and want an energy boost? Slice up some round thin slices of apple and spread a thick coat of peanut butter on them.  Easy to assemble and very healthy, this snack is filling too. You can make peanut butter and keep it in the fridge or buy and store. We liked the crunchy peanut butter by American Garden. You can also buy the cinnamon raisin swirl by Peanut Butter & Co.