February 4, 2017

There is nothing cuter than a doting dad. Now with a social tool like Instagram, there are more reasons to see why the father-child relationship is divine. We celebrate awesome men who dance, travel and goof around with their kids and are proud to show off their dad-skills. Follow these cool Dads on Instagram for all kinds of feels.

1. The Prankster

This dad takes ‘Papa don’t preach!’ to a whole new level. Chris Martin, from Washington, is now a mini-celebrity thanks to the recreation of his daughter’s selfies. “Instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better,” says Chris. So he goes all out with fake tattoos, eyelashes and mascara to match his daughter. Even has more followers than her.

Dads on Instagram

Courtesy: Chris Martin

2. The Outnumbered

4 daughters and a wife – that’s enough women for a lifetime for Simon Hooper of the UK. He hilariously captures his everyday struggles of feeling outnumbered. “The cornerstone of any dad’s role is the old horse/pig ride but I’m starting to feel more like a mid-sized family car with all 4 my girls aboard. And if the guided tour isn’t up to scratch, someone will inevitably try and pull my trousers down while I’m in this vulnerable position, mostly it’s my wife,” says Simon.

Dads on Instagram

Courtesy: Father of Daughters

3.  Work from Home Dad

Benjamin Travis of Seattle has made an entire career of following his three tiny daughters all day and capturing their sweet moments on V-log. Even teaches them dance and cooking. Now that’s family goals!

Dads on Instagram

Courtesy: Benjamin Travis

4. The Star

Hrithik Roshan never misses an opportunity to share beautiful candid moments with his sons on Instagram. Do we need more reasons to follow him?

Dads on Instagram

Courtesy: Hrithik Roshan

5. The World Champion

There is something about hot guys with cute babies, that just melts our hearts. Like Olympic champion Michael Phelps, teaching his baby how to swim. How adorable!

Dads on Instagram

Courtesy: Michael Phelps

6. The Very Important Dad

Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, is all about the feels. His Instagram will show why he is an awesome dad and an even more awesome human being.

Dads on Instagram

Courtesy: Justin Trudeau

7. The Travelling Companions

2 dads, 2 sons, and lots of adventures around the world. Their Instagram has abundant photos that will not only give your relationship goals but also travel goals.

Dads on Instagram

Courtesy: 2 travel dads