August 18, 2016

Nothing in the world is truer than the old saying which goes, “Home is where the heart is.” For no matter how many countries you have visited and the luxuries you have enjoyed, nothing comforts you like your home. But there’s more to a home than being the place you would like to crash at after a long day at work. It is an extension, a reflection of your own self. And why not do it the classy way, while you are at it?

Get Your Own Dream House

If something comes close to your “dream palace”, this is it. ATS believes in making all your real estate fantasies come true. One look at the sample flat and you’ll see that each room is carefully designed to please your style and sensibilities. It’s not only an architectural marvel, but aesthetically pleasing as well. Be it the living room, the bed rooms or the dining space – the sprawling apartment ensures that you can entertain a throng without the usual sense of cramping prevailing. At ATS, you’ll look forward to hosting your friends and family even more.

The ‘Touch of Eve’

If you are looking for an outlet to give your interior dreams a wing, your search is over. Here are 5 reasons we think an ATS home has got the Touch of Eve.

1. The wooden panel flooring and wooden beams on the ceiling gives the flat a modern chic look, and most importantly, provides immense amount of flexibility in terms of how you pick the interiors of your choice with these pre-existing fixtures.

2. You can go for an edgy minimalistic decor, and keep your bedroom simple yet urbane with minimal furniture and no fuss.

Courtesy: ATS Infrastructre Pvt. Ltd

3. And when your guests take their seats adorned with those embroidered silk cushions, they’ll surely feel like royalty, we assure you.

4. If you’re the Austen girl and would rather go the Victorian way, a look into the pictures of the sample furnished dining room will tell you how perfect it’d look, if not rather majestic.

5. A long teak wood dining table, some antique handcrafted wooden furniture and some potted plants – and it will be almost as if you are at Pemberly itself.

However, ATS understands that sometimes, home is just a break from all the riches and luxuries of your life, where you enjoy simplicity in its purest form. If this is your brief from home, get all your plush cushions and overstuffed armchairs and make yourself a comfy sleeping nest out of their bedrooms; wake up to the beautiful sight of sunshine flooding into your room through their large French windows; for home, means warmth.