October 1, 2016

When put in the arms of the finest designers emeralds can be transformed into art. The pieces of jewellery we bring to you have a glistening hint of grace, a mark of the finest. Take a look, you are going to fall in love with emeralds all over again.

1. Vaikunth : Polki, Pearls And Emerald Rani Haar

A stunning neck piece which that can transform your outfit. The polki work on this necklace is so intricate and detailed that it does a little more than just capture a couple of glances. It has the ability of fixating all eyes on it by its sheer presence. The pearls start off from polki work and run parallel to each other on either side, merging at the second polki in the centre. The emeralds add a subtle touch to elevate this necklace to a whole new level.


2. Vaitaanika : Emerald Ring

Emeralds are a great way to dress your hands, especially if it’s this piece we’re talking about. This ring is magnificent and attracts attention regardless of the outfit it is teamed up with. The gemstone has an ethereal rock-like feel to it. The emerald is held in place with gold clamps that enhance its appeal as the centre piece. Now, that’s a ring to show off.


3. Krishna Jewellers: Emerald String

Emeralds strung together, in five lovely layers, we can’t take our eyes off this one. There is a degree of opulence to this piece despite its simplicity and it possesses the ability to mesmerize you. The gems flow beautifully across your body and and steal the show all on their own. They are meticulously chosen, draped in such a way that they taper closer together near your neck. There, at the center of each string is a slightly larger gem for the eyes to focus on.


4. Ritika Bhasin Gupta: Polki And Emerald String

The brilliant combination of polki and emerald is simply beautiful and this Ritika Bhasin Gupta piece is a testament to that. The piece is very well deisgned as the polki doesn’t overpower the overall look of the string. The emeralds add the right balance and it is needless to say that the piece is breathtaking. The centre has a rhombus shaped dangling pendant and the emeralds are a rare square shaped. The pearls separating them are a nice touch too.