April 8, 2017

The one accessory that brings together any home is the carpet. Be it for your living room or the rug in your bedroom, the carpet needs to match your sense of style and more specifically your personality. But fret not, Carpet Cellar‘s fine craftsmen have something for everyone. We’ve rounded up 6 statement-making carpets that have a little bit of YOU.

1. The Workaholic

It’s simple – you like to work. It makes you happy, the sense of accomplishment is what drives you forward. And for you, we have the perfect carpet that has the perfect mash up of colours to keep pushing you towards more and more. The rustic shades are significant of your focus, and the rug goes perfectly with modern style interiors and furniture. Trust us, this is your cup of tea.


2. The Dreamer

For the ones with a vivid and running imagination, this is the perfect carpet for your home. It features cool green and blue shades and has patterns that are vibrant just like your imagination. Perfect for creating a relaxed and comfortable ambiance around your room, it goes brilliantly with cool shaded interiors. So get a serving of your favourite food, enjoy the medley of prints and patterns and dream on.


3. The Artist

This one is truly a piece of art, something that would instantly connect with the artist within you. The carpet has a splash of colours that make it a piece of modern art. The shades of blue and red will enhance the appearance of your room and drive you to create stellar pieces of art.


4. The Laid Back Lad

If chilling with your friends in the comfort of your home is something you prefer over night out parties, then you are the laid back lad who enjoys life to the fullest. And for you we have a carpet that thrives on your relaxed way of life. The carpet has cool grunge shades and comfortable material for truly enjoying your next hang out session with your friends.


5. The Perfectionist

You live for perfection in your life. Getting the best out of everything is your idea of a happy day. And this is why our bright blue and yellow carpet rug is perfect for your perfect home. The repeating pattern is symmetrical and the mash up of blue white and yellow shades oozes of your love for perfection and style.


6. The Naturalist

You like to keep things simple and natural, and you are a romantic. And for the free spirit that you have, we have the perfect carpet rug. Coloured in love and printed flowers, it truly will reflect your loving aura and your natural way of life.