August 27, 2016

Sometimes, thinking of school brings back a flood of good memories, of bunking classes, chilling with your friends and erm – learning. But yes, the thought of school is like a walk down memory lane, but *this* lane ain’t the one to glory. Here are the 10 things you won’t miss about school.

1. R. D. Sharma

Just the fact we know what this denotes, is sad enough. For all of us who’ve studied Mathematics or have gone one step ahead to opt for the Non-medical stream, we’ve all had to carry the burden of this book quite literally. Even though most of our exams were framed within the contexts of this book, it still wasn’t enough to decrease our aversion towards the subject. NEVER AGAIN.


2. Gola Shoes

Bet your feet must’ve stopped breathing after reading this! How can we forget the ever-so-comfortable Gola shoes (Oh yes, we’re a fan of sarcasm). Heavier than the earth itself, these Gola shoes would get negative marking in terms of style and comfort; yet we were supposed to wear them day in day out.


3. Stranglehold of Seniors

No matter how tough we were, the entire senior wing used to terrorize us at a cellular level. Even if we get by in school, there was the not-so-highly-awaited bus drive back home wherein we had no room to escape.


4. Second Saturday Working

We’ve all tried to forget those horrid announcements come Friday afternoon when our class teacher used to declare that we need to come to school the next day as well. Not anymore!


5. Monotonous Speeches and Assemblies

Standing for long hours at a stretch just to hear some chief guest explain the importance of ‘time’, oh god! Look at the irony! We’ve gladly gotten rid of all those sweaty mornings watching some horrid play or listening to tunes which still haunt us in our sleep.


6. Holiday Homework

Do you get the oxymoron tone of this? Why would we want to work if we’re on holiday? Case closed!


7. Getting Up Before The Rooster Does

Remember those early mornings when you get up only to realize its still dark outside which just reminds you how mechanical and sad your life is? Or the times when you are yearning to find seconds worth of sleep or you’re praying that you’d vomit in the sink just so you can touch your pillow once more for good.


8. Parent-Teacher Meetings

Why would we ever want to remember the time when Dolores Umbridge meets Voldemort? It is not good news, is it?


9. The ‘She’s/He’s Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend’ Syndrome

Every guy or girl you talk to for more than 4 seconds, you know you’re walking a tight rope as you’d eventually get linked to him/her for years to come. No one likes a telltale, which school has plenty of.


No. Just no.


If you’re still in school – may god bless you.