February 18, 2017

A pair of shades can instantly make you look cool. But if they are not in proportion to your facial features, you can wander into the bug-eyed territory, like the Olsen twins. That’s why it’s important to understand that there are sunglasses for every face shape.

sunglasses for every face shape

The right shades should look like they were made just for your face – they will fit well and balance your features. Before you decide to buy a pair, read on and find out what kind will flatter you the most.

Know Your Face Shape

You don’t need a tape measure or a ruler, just estimate this by measuring the span of your face with your fingers. If you are still not sure, anyone working at a glasses store or makeup counter will be trained enough to tell you. There are 3 main shapes of faces.

1. Round Face

Your face is considered round if the width and length are roughly the same. You have full cheekbones; narrow forehead and jaw.

You need shades with angular lines that will add more definition to your face by adding faux cheekbones. The idea is to balance the roundness. So don’t wear frames that make your face look more round. Small circular shades are big no-no for you.

Say Yes To: Wide, square frames

Say No To: Round frames or colored lenses

sunglasses for every face shape

2. Oval Face

An oval-shaped face is long and thin, with a chin slightly narrower than the forehead. You have a slightly wider forehead and high cheekbones. Consider yourself lucky as most styles work on this shape.

Your main concern should be to match the proportion to your features. If you have smaller features, large and thick frames, can look overwhelming. Choose a pair that is the same width as your face, not wider.

Say Yes To: Cat eyes, round glasses, oversize or wrap styles

Say No To: Frames that are too narrow for your face

sunglasses for every face shape

3. Heart Shaped Face

You have wide forehead and cheekbones and a noticeably pointed chin.

Unlike your round and oval faced friends, you should be mimicking your face shape, not contrasting it. Aviators are perfect for you. They are broad at the top and tapered at the bottom and complement your face outline very well. Proportion is important for you as well. Don’t choose large frames or you will look bug eyed.

Say Yes To: Cat-eye, round frames, aviators

Say No To: Large frames, overly embellished glasses

sunglasses for every face shape