August 13, 2016

Indian ethnic wear prides in the tradition, the art and the intricacies, delicately put together to create designs that are one of a kind. In terms of storage, they take up quite a lot. How ,then, do you store them? Read on to find out some of our tried and tested hacks.

1. Declutter

First things first, clear the clutter. Rid yourself of the clothes you no longer wear, or wouldn’t, take a second look at, keeping them aside. Determine if you would ever consider wearing them again. Clear up the old for the new. At some point new turns old, so unstack all the clothes you have no use for.

2. Dupattas

Every Indian girl’s wardrobe is bound to have Salwar suits.

  • One quick little tip is to use shower curtain rings for the dupattas.
  • Loop your dupattas through the rings and use a hanger to suspend them.
  • You can also buy a scarf holder here, and use it the same way.
  • You can locate your dupattas faster, paving the way for some mix and match maybe. Also, they’d be crumple and wrinkle free.
Courtesy: Design Style

Courtesy: Design Style

3. Segregate in accordance with utility

Your Indian wardrobe can be separated based on their utility.

  • You could keep one pile aside for wedding wear, the other for your casual needs and so on.
  • The heavy intricate pieces can have a separate space all together because not only do they require more space, but also mucking them up with the rest of your clothes, might damage them.
  • A little organization can go a long way, trust us. Label your shelves to make it easier to find your clothes.
  • Straighten your clothes before storing them. They consume less space.

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4. Saree storage

So, sarees are a little complex, three pieces, and everything.

  • For all you lazies out there, you could arrange your sarees along with their matching blouses and petticoats on a hanger.
  • This would keep it wrinkle free, by which we mean to say, you don’t have to iron in the wee early hours.
  • You could also opt for saree bags to keep these delicates safe.
  • Re-evaluate your need for old clothes. If you have been storing your Banarasi saree for several years without ever wearing it, then try these 12 ways you can give it a new life.

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5. Skirts, lehengas and kurtis

Skirts and lehengas cannot be folded, so the only way is to use hangers for them.

  • If you fold them and stack them up, the studs or beads on them could get caught in the thread of your other clothes and a simple yank can leave your favourite skirt headless.
  • Kurtis can be folded and stacked up on shelves which is the best way of storing them.

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6. Muslin Wrap

Muslin isn’t just a great summer fabric to wear, ladies – you should store your expensive couture in the fabric. Buy bags or simply wrap your clothes in muslin to avoid wear of the clothes while they lay in your cupboard. Muslin prevents the sequins and work on clothes from catching on something and ripping, while keeping the dust and cloth-aging agents away.

So, get on with cleaning out your closet then, save your pretty clothes!