June 21, 2017

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times- this stands true only when you come to know that your kitchen is empty but a sudden realization dawns upon you that your freezer is all stocked up. A freezer full of stuff can help you whip up something quickly on a busy weeknight (ice cream does not count). On the National Frozen Food Day, here is our list of essential things to stock up in freezer that will always come handy.

things to stock up in freezer

1. Banana

If properly stored, fruit can last a really long time in your freezer. In the case of bananas, throw them into the freezer with the skin on if they begin to turn all mushy. And when you need them for a recipe, pull them out from the freezer, microwave for a few seconds, then cut off the top and squeeze the insides into your mixing bowl and turn them into a yummy smoothie.

things to stock up in freezer

2. Herbs in Olive Oil

You can freeze fresh herbs just as they are, however, freezing and preserving herbs in good quality olive oil will keep them fresher and reduce browning and the freezer burn. You can freeze it in the form of cubes. Just pop it out of the freezer and straight onto the frying pan when you are making dishes like stews, roasts, soups, and potatoes. Plant these easy to grow kitchen herbs and freeze them once they are ready to harvest.

things to stock up in freezer

3. Pesto

Freezing pesto is super easy. For best results, put pesto in smaller portions into ice cubes trays, freeze, and transfer the cubes to sealable plastic bags. These can be used as quick flavor-enhancers in soups or salad dressings. Also, cover the surface of pesto with a layer of olive oil so that it prevents the surface from browning while it freezes. See how you can whip up a quick pasta sauce with this.

things to stock up in freezer

4. Wine

Freezing leftover wine is a great way to keep it fresh. Take it out whenever you are making a risotto or a quick pan sauce. Simply transfer the wine in an ice cube tray, cover the top of your tray with cling wrap and put it in your freezer.

things to stock up in freezer

5. Lemon Juice

We are always searching for lemons when it’s time for the final dressing. Squeeze them in advance in an ice cube tray and store in your freezer as long as you like. Thaw at room temperature or you can heat it in the microwave for a few seconds before putting it in your dish. The frozen juice tastes much better than the bottled one.

things to stock up in freezer

6. Milk

It is absolutely okay to freeze milk for later use but as milk tends to expand when it’s frozen, so be sure to leave room in the container so it won’t burst. Pop it out of the freezer when you are in the mood for the ultimate comfort overload with hot chocolate.

things to stock up in freezer

7. Coffee

Freshness is critical to a quality cup of coffee. Be sure to use an airtight container if you decide to freeze your coffee.

things to stock up in freezer

8. Blueberries

Since blueberries are a seasonal fruit, you might want to store the ‘powerhouse of antioxidants’ for use all year long. Preserving blueberries is simple: wash your fresh blueberries, pour them onto a cloth towel, and dry them thoroughly. Now put them onto a parchment-lined baking sheet and place it in the freezer for at least 3 hours. Transfer the frozen blueberries into a freezer-safe, plastic zipper-sealed bag and you are all set.

Get Freezin’!