August 11, 2016

Sneakers are a must in every woman’s wardrobe, but it’s time to step up the ante a notch. Though white is an all-time favorite for most of us, it might not be the best option on a rainy day. For that silver lining on a gloomy day, let’s go vogue and chic it up with some color. Say goodbye to white turned muck sneakers and sneak a peek at our favourite picks:

1. ‘Eye’ See You

Metallic hues never lie, they do more for your look than just spicing it up and are here to stay. This neat sneaker is a Kenzo with printed eyes on them. Best part is, you can go splashing in as many puddles as you like, because it’s never going to show! Looks like you’re seeing beyond eye level, eh?

sneaker fashion

2. Bon Ivory

It’s time for a switch up, let your sneakers do the talking for you. When you go out, do it in style, nothing ups your style quotient as does this next pair. Don a fringe on your sneakers and if anyone ticks you off, don’t just do a hair flip, do a sneaker flip (use in moderation we warn.)

Sneaker fashion

3. Dark Raider

Time to unleash the rogue, keeping in mind the vogue! This one is for the rebels, the misfits and the nonconformists. For sneakers that grab eyes the minute you set foot in the limelight, these are for the taking. Team it up with a short dress that really highlights these shoes.

sneaker fashion

4. The Bling Factor

Gone are the days when sneakers were a bunch of bulky, oversized floaters that those pompous Wimbledon folks donned. Teaming them up with your everyday outfit was the biggest faux pas. Thank heavens for the fashion revolution, or in this case, Prada for these babies. The crystals on the sneakers go well with any outfit really, so throw on any ensemble and leave the rest to the shoes.

Sneaker Fashion

5. Leopard Prints

You may not possess the epitome of stealth as does one of the five ‘big cats’ around, but that shouldn’t stand in your way of feeling like you do. These slip ons with the leopard prints should zoom their way into your closet, don’t you think? Chic, simple and comfortable. Gone in a flash! So hurry go purchase them right away.

Sneaker Fashion

6. Silver Varnish

No, your dog didn’t chew up yet another pair of your shoes. You know what they say, fashion has no bounds, and this pair is a testament to that. The classic finish have made them popular on the ramp scene, so in the light of keeping up with the times, try slipping into these babies.

Sneaker Fashion

Bye bye Plain Whites! Make your way to the nearest mall and shop till you drop, and hey, the walk back home is going to be fun, regardless of the hole in your pocket.