September 21, 2017

Slogging hours in the kitchen while preparing meals, doing the dishes and cleaning up thereafter, only to go through the same cycle again the very next day? Most of us have a similar story to share but thanks to some creative inventions your kitchen stories won’t be the same anymore. The internet is flooded with smart kitchen gadgets that help you save a lot of time and effort while you prepare the meals for your family.

1. Cooking Is A Work Of Art – Cucumber Spiral Slicer

Use this slicer to wow your guests with spirals of veggies in your salad or crunchy veggies on a stick. Take salad up a few notches with this spiral slicer. 

Price: Rs 199 | Buy Now

smart kitchen gadgets

2. The Buddy That’s Willing To Go Down The Drain –  Drain Pipe Cleaner

Let this gadget do the dirty work for you. Now clean your drains easily without getting your hand in. Say goodbye to clogged kitchen sinks.

Price: Rs 141 | Buy Now

smart kitchen gadgets

3. How Supermoms Deal With Fussy Kids – Smiley Mould

When your kids throw tantrums for junk food, serve them fun food using this smiley mould. Making your children finish their meal won’t be a dreaded chore anymore.

Price: Rs 157 | Buy Now

smart kitchen gadgets

4. No More Spillovers – Steam Ship Lid

Don’t let your delicious dishes make a mess you’ll hate. Use this steam ship lid with steam vents so your dish simmers gently while releasing the excess steam.

Price: Rs 512 | Buy Now

smart kitchen gadgets

5. One Push 10 Slices – Watermelon Cutter

Before you devour the watermelon, you have to take the pain of slicing the giant fruit down. This cutter will help you do the same in a single slice.

Price: Rs 424 | Buy Now

smart kitchen gadgets

6. Anywhere Shakes For The Fitness Fanatics – Self Stirring Mug

Deciding to follow a healthy lifestyle is difficult, practising it should be a little easier with this cool shaker. It’s your all in one mixer, blender and cup. Now make instant shakes anytime, anywhere.

Price: Rs 649 | Buy Now

smart kitchen gadgets

7. There’s a Blade For Everything – Slicer, Dicer & Grater

Save your tears for those heart-wrenching movies you’ll binge watch. For the onions, you just need to be faster than the tears dropping from your eyes. This slicer will allow you to chop any veggie or fruit in the desired shape and size easily.

Price: Rs 879 | Buy Now

smart kitchen gadgets

8. Your Sunny Side Ups Just Got An Upgrade – Egg Ring Moulds

Your eggs for breakfast will have different a character every day. Make sunny side ups using these moulds and satisfy the creative chef in you. Who said cooking isn’t fun?

Price: Rs 385 | Buy Now

smart kitchen gadgets

9. Seasons Precisely And Evenly – Citrus Spray

Cutting, de-seeding and then squeezing to get the juices out of lemons is a tall order. This simple citrus spray will make the same, a one push task for you.

Price: Rs 129 | Buy Now

smart kitchen gadgets

10. Chicken At Work – Silicon Egg Yolk Separator

A no mess way to separating egg yolks. You don’t need to use your hands as a filter or switch them back and forth between the shells. Just a 2 step press and release action is all you need.

Price: Rs 145 | Buy Now

smart kitchen gadgets