February 22, 2017

When you walk into a startup, you can instantly tell about the company’s work culture by looking at how they have designed their office. A lot of startup companies have opted for inspiring and quirky interior designs that give their brand a unique personality. And what better way to start up your own company than by doing up the space that presents “You” in a nutshell? See how we at All About Eve jazzed up our office with bright colours and simple yet tasteful furniture. Take a cue from our office interior design ideas and create a stimulating and relaxed atmosphere for your team.

1. Graffiti For A Welcoming Atmosphere

You and your staff spend nearly a third of your day at the office. So who would want to see cold, unwelcoming monochromes every day for 8 hours straight? Banish the boring black and white and put up a graffiti poster at the entrance. This will not only make people feel relaxed but will also give your space a non-intimidating vibe.

office interior design ideas

2. Open Cubicles for Easy Collaboration

Put up a colourful, quirky backdrop to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. We like the idea of open, spacious cubicles that allow for easy collaborations and ‘chill-sessions’

office interior design ideas

3. A Spacious Meeting Room

This is where the magic unfolds and we get our genius ideas from. Choose a spacious area for the meeting room with a movable white board. Glass walls are a must for new startups to show your transparency and approachability to your staff.

office interior design ideas

4. A Little Bit of Personal Space

We at All About Eve believe in bringing out the individuality of each staff member. All it takes are small gestures like giving them a personal drawer chest and some fun accessories on their desk. And yes, we encourage ‘creative gossip time’ to make everyone feel like a part of a team.

office interior design ideas

5. Comfy Pillows for a Corner

Keep your vibe professional yet laid back. Just throw some comfy pillows in a corner with potted plants to create a cozy nook. Remember, you can’t chain creativity to a desk. So let your staff pick a spot where they feel most relaxed.

office interior design ideas

5. An Empty Canvas

Our open space studio serves as a multi-purpose fashion-shooting, party-throwing, brain-storming, lunching-lounging, DIY craft creating, game-playing and sun soaking space. It’s an empty canvas that we paint with a different experience every day. Think about creating a ‘happy space’ for your employees like a game room or lounge where they are not judged for taking it easy sometimes.

office interior design ideas

6. Add a Touch of Eve

Break the monotony of strenuous work with colourful fun accessories. You will see a lot of rainbow coloured stickies in our office along with a jazzy assortment of tea cups. We believe when life gives you lemons, you paint that shit gold.

office interior design ideas

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