July 14, 2016

The Mumbai-Delhi route is the busiest in the country with more than 4.5 million passengers flying between the two cities annually. How many times have you been stuck at one of these airports with your flight delayed? Instead of furiously crunching your fingers on the phone, try one of these round the clock airport eateries to calm your waits.

1. Café Connexions

You have some amazing beverages served here to distract yourself from mulling over your worries of leaving loved ones behind. Grab a  quick bite over a range of continental and Indian recipes at ‘Café Connexions’. What’s more? You even have a great list of desserts to collect your deserted emotions. Try the popular Alfredo Pasta and Chocolate Brownie for optimum satisfaction.

Location: T3 International Departure, Delhi

airport eateries

2. Meeso

The Meeso Kitchen & Bar serves mouth-watering pan-Asian food. From an amazing variety of salads, dumplings to their Thai delicacies. We feasted on their Raw Papaya Salad, Water Chestnut & Corn Dumplings and their Thai Green Curry.

Pro tip: They serve their food in insulated boxes that you can carry on flight. No more badly catered in-flight food. Meeso’s trusty dumplings and fried rice will come to your rescue.


They have an equally amazing variety of wines, coffees and cold pressed juices. Beer lovers may not fret, they recently started serving freshly brewed beer- German Hefeweizen, seasonal ale and Belgian wit.

airport eateries

Location: Level 3, T2 Domestic Departure, Mumbai

3. The Food Street

If the wait is getting you impatient, stop by the Food Street to savour some of the best curries and hand-picked recipes. They have one of the best Southern kitchen menus.

Location: T1D Domestic, T3 International, Delhi

airport eateries

Courtesy: Panoramio

 4. The Beer Café

The Beer Café is India’s largest beer chain. Halt here to sip some of the finest brews while socialising with some new faces. The place has a nice ambient atmosphere for catching up with an old friend. Ask the staff for specials and turn your boring airport wait around.

Location: T2 International Departure, Mumbai


Courtesy: Zomato.com

5. Clever Fox Café

The Clever Fox cafe serves Continental, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. Relive your happy holiday memories with some comfort food and a nice warm cuppa.

Location: International Airport, Delhi

airport eateries