July 27, 2017

Getting ready to attend a big fat wedding? Deciding OOTDs for every function can be stressful, to say the least. Here are 5 struggles every girl faces before attending a wedding that will make you scream HELL, YA!

1. There is Always an ‘I Have no Clothes’ Catastrophe

A lot can change in a season – clothes no longer fit, they are out of style or everyone has seen them already. When your closet no longer feels like ‘you’, then you can just borrow from an online closet and never have another ‘I have nothing to wear’ day.

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2. Money and Time – We Don’t Have Either

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if India’s leading designers sent their clothes to us (almost) free right at our home so we could make our friends jealous? Wishful thinking; or maybe not.

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Rent outfits at just 1/10 the cost from Rent a Closet

3. Parents Never Understand Millennials’ Problems

Like any other gal, you can find us dress hunting in malls every weekend. Dad says money doesn’t grow on trees but what do you do when shopping is life? Beg, borrow or steal?

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4. What We Want to Buy vs What We Can Afford

Winters are not that far, which means your shaadi wardrobe is due for a rotation soon. Which also means you also have to shell out not-so-few bucks to get the latest trends. When times are tight, thrift markets like Sarojini and Karol Bagh seem like the only feasible options.

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5. What?? You Want Me to Repeat the Dress I Wore at Khushboo’s Roka.

Repeating a dress which all your friends have seen is a cardinal sin.

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Simply put, we just want to look great without spending time or money. Tried Rentals yet?

Imagine having a closet on a rotation where every time you put your hand in, you get a new label wear. At Rent a Closet, you can choose from an endless collection of Indian couture at a fraction of the price. With its buy-borrow offers, your wedding outfit woes will come to an end. Designer clothes – here we come!

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How it Works

Rent A Closet runs on a simple concept – rent a dress of your choice for a few days, wear it, and when you are ready to return it, get it picked up right from your doorstep. You can also buy from their huge collection of dresses, accessories and footwear either online or at their offline store at Nehru Place. Premium members get exclusive offers and personal makeover and styling.