February 26, 2018

With Sridevi’s passing, an era has come to an end. The film industry has lost an incredible phenomenon that was as talented on the screen as graceful off it. Men loved her and women wanted to be like her.

Not only did Sridevi up the ante for female actors in the industry, being a torchbearer for creating a sizeable inlet for heroines onscreen vis-à-vis their male co-stars, she essayed a great style statement, through seasoned movies, costume-based dramas wherein she adorned some sensational outfits.

In an age where actresses were remembered either for playing a significant lead in films or for memorable dance numbers, Sridevi did both and grabbed eyeballs for wearing some beautiful outfits that have become implicit in the many films with which we fondly remember her today.

We remember the cinematic diva through her graceful and elegant style as seen in the following films:

1. The Sheer Blue Saree of Mr India

Mr India, a cult-hit of the 80s will always be remembered for teaming two of the most sought after stars of that generation- Anil Kapoor and Sridevi- in arguably their best pairing till date.

So even as Sridevi doused fireworks in that electrifying dance in the evergreen Hawa-Hawai, it was the sheer blue saree that she wore with a sultriness hitherto unseen in that era that became the standard talking point in Mr India.

A simple albeit sassy attire that clung to an hourglass figure catapulted Sri to the heights of being a sex-symbol, even though much of the then popular culture remained at a reasonable distance from embracing the tag.

Fans, ever receptive to mimicking their favourite actors’ fashion styles were quick to grab what became known as the ‘Sridevi-Blue’ saree from the acclaimed 80s hit.

Sridevi style inspiration

2. The Bright yellow Chiffon Saree of Chandni

If there were a film that showcased the many graceful shades of undoubtedly the finest actress of her generation then it would be the 1989 romance-drama Chandni.

While Sridevi clubbed with great elegance the many ensembles of white salwar suits in several romantic interludes in the Rishi Kapoor starrer, it was that bright yellow chiffon saree that mesmerized her fans and admirers.

Amid the serene and lush green wilderness of Switzerland, Sridevi decked in the bright eye-pleasing yellow chiffon combined gorgeousness and sensuality in a mellow, unassuming manner.

Sridevi style inspiration

3. The blue-yellow Lehenga of Lamhe

The heart-wrenching, timeless classic of the 90s, Lamhe saw Sridevi at her elegant best. If there’s a film that combines romance, great music and the rustic charm of Rajasthan with effervescence then it’s Lamhe.

No loud, boisterous colours akin to the outfits we saw in films like Chaalbaaz or Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja, but cutting a rather reticent and utterly poignant figure of immense charm, Sridevi mesmerized one and all by adorning the impressive hues of blue and yellow in a Rajasthani style lehenga.

Showcasing a sweltering dance number, moving seamlessly in the night sands of Rajasthan, Sridevi epitomized the understated charm of the 90s dressing.

Sridevi style inspiration

4. The elegant semi-casual, semi-formal attires in Mom

A performance that earned Sridevi critical acclaim from even her harshest critics saw Sridevi in a rare avatar, decked in elegant, simple and rather elegantly warm outfits.

As a mother out to settle scores with her daughter’s harassers, Sridevi’s flawless performance saw her essay a bold, confident woman dressed in vivid hues of navy blue, magenta jackets teamed with smart denim coupled with georgette and woollen scarves worn with utter simplicity.

The sheer transformation of Sridevi from being a somewhat gauche onscreen performer in 80s flicks to a more elegant, silently glowing actor in the recent years lays testimony to her charisma to pull off any costume with characteristic ease.

Sridevi style inspiration

5. The Sabyasachi sarees of English Vinglish

Whether it was the red Chanderi saree that she wore in this heartening drama of 2012 or the vivid floral designs that were worn with enigmatic simplicity, English Vinglish grabbed eyeballs and became a huge talking point for an actor who showcased immense talent once again and cut a simple albeit captivating figure garnering lots of plaudits for arguably her best performances of the last two decades.

Sridevi style inspiration